73 South Indian Baby Boy Names With Meanings


South Indian baby boy names are like a fresh breath of air. These names are unique since they come from a land of diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and ancestors. These names originate from a very vibrant part of the country, India. South Indian names are a beautiful blend of cultural nuances and linguistic beauty. They are often inspired by elements of nature, mythological figures, deities, folklore, literature, and art.

Just like every other region in India has its own naming conventions and traditions, South Indian people also follow some particular traditions when naming a baby. According to naming traditions in the South, a child’s name would consist of four elements. The first is a place of origin, the second is the child's father's name, the third is the given name of the child, and the fourth denotes the name of the caste. Another tradition regarding the names is the addition of birthplace in the given name to indicate the link between the two (2).

Another interesting concept in the naming of South Indian names is the double-barrel names. Here two separate names are combined into one name. Both these names usually have a very melodious tone and lovely meanings. For example, Krishna-dwaipayana, meaning ‘A dark wise’ or ‘Sage Vyasa. Adithan, which stands for ‘the leader who belongs to the sun,’ reflects brightness and energy and signifies the connection with nature. The name Nallasivan, which means ‘the graceful Lord Shiva,’ symbolizes the connection of names with God.

While most South Indian names are traditional, some of these names have evolved into modern sensibilities and made parents choose names that represent their ancestors while also having a contemporary touch. If you love how beautifully these names blend in today’s times, then go ahead and explore this list of baby names made just for you.

heart image Abhinavan Baby Boy Sign Boy Young; Fresh or modern
heart image Abhinayan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is an actor; One who acts
heart image Abhiseka Baby Boy Sign Boy The method of purifying and cleaning
heart image Abijith Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who conquers; Victorious
heart image Achyutam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who cannot be destroyed or decayed
heart image Adalarachan Baby Boy Sign Boy The monarch or king of dance
heart image Adalarasen Baby Boy Sign Boy The master of dance or king of dance
heart image Adaleru Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave man; One who has never been destroyed
heart image Adhibhan Baby Boy Sign Boy A leader or one who is born to win
heart image Adhibu Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is superior to all
heart image Adhiyamaan Baby Boy Sign Boy The King of the sun; A Solar king
heart image Adithan Baby Boy Sign Boy The leader who belongs to the Sun
heart image Jeyasilan Baby Boy Sign Boy Victorious warrior; Lord Shiva
heart image Kaalappan Baby Boy Sign Boy The father of time or the Lord of time
heart image Koyilkani Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful voice like koyal, gift from God
heart image Krishna-dwaipayana Baby Boy Sign Boy A dark wise or sage Vyasa
heart image Kuppuram Baby Boy Sign Boy The princely state, or the highest king
heart image Meyappan Baby Boy Sign Boy An honest and true person
heart image Mooppan Baby Boy Sign Boy A prime person, a head of community
heart image Moorthy Baby Boy Sign Boy An idol, mainly of a God
heart image Moovendan Baby Boy Sign Boy A ruler of the rulers; One who rules the other kings
heart image Nalladurai Baby Boy Sign Boy Lover of mankind; Honest person
heart image Nallaiyan Baby Boy Sign Boy Honest person; Having good disposition
heart image Nallalagan Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome and smart man
heart image Nallamuthu Baby Boy Sign Boy Gracious pearl
heart image Nallanban Baby Boy Sign Boy Pleasant forest
heart image Nallannan Baby Boy Sign Boy Gracious brother
heart image Nallaperumal Baby Boy Sign Boy Gracious Lord Venkateshwara
heart image Nallappa Baby Boy Sign Boy Graceful father or parents
heart image Nallappan Baby Boy Sign Boy Graceful father
heart image Nallarasan Baby Boy Sign Boy Tasty juice
heart image Nallasivan Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva
heart image Nallathambi Baby Boy Sign Boy Gracious young brother
heart image Nallavan Baby Boy Sign Boy Generous person
heart image Nallenan Baby Boy Sign Boy Person with good deeds
heart image Nallisami Baby Boy Sign Boy Possessor of good health
heart image Nallusami Baby Boy Sign Boy Always free from illness
heart image Namberuman Baby Boy Sign Boy Colored person; Lord Shiva
heart image Nambi Baby Boy Sign Boy Self-confident; Curative herb
heart image Nambiyandan Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-known person
heart image Nambu Baby Boy Sign Boy God; Creator of mankind
heart image Nambudiri Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has mastered the Vedas
heart image Namirthan Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealth of popularity; Lord Shiva
heart image Nammurthi Baby Boy Sign Boy Respected by name
heart image Nandil Baby Boy Sign Boy One with the power of a bull
heart image Nandin Baby Boy Sign Boy Delightful person
heart image Nandishwara Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of all bulls
heart image Nanjaiah Baby Boy Sign Boy Mercy of God
heart image Nanjaiya Baby Boy Sign Boy Merciful God; Lord Shiva
heart image Nanjappa Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is merciful; Lord Shiva
heart image Nanjappan Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; The merciful
heart image Nanjayyan Baby Boy Sign Boy The great Lord Shiva, who mercy others
heart image Nanjeyan Baby Boy Sign Boy The greatest lord; Lord Shiva
heart image Nanjundan Baby Boy Sign Boy Divine God Shiva
heart image Nanjundeswar Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; One who consumes poisonous liquid to safeguard the world
heart image Nanjundewsar Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; One who consumes poisonous liquid to safeguard the world
heart image Nanmaaran Baby Boy Sign Boy Compassionate and fearless
heart image Nanmoliyan Baby Boy Sign Boy Flamboyant
heart image Nanmugan Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious individual
heart image Nanmuthu Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious gemstone
heart image Nannan Baby Boy Sign Boy Bold and daring
heart image Nathasami Baby Boy Sign Boy Supreme Lord
heart image Nayar Baby Boy Sign Boy Who belongs to the Malabar coast
heart image Nayath Baby Boy Sign Boy A leading person; A leader
heart image Neelmegam Baby Boy Sign Boy The colored skin of Lord Krishna
heart image Neevan Baby Boy Sign Boy The sacred or pure or unpolluted one
heart image Nehanth Baby Boy Sign Boy Shower of love and affection
heart image Nerrivaanan Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is straightforward and open hearted
heart image Nikith Baby Boy Sign Boy The best mankind who possesses ultimate good qualities and attitudes
heart image Nithil Baby Boy Sign Boy A beautiful pearl
heart image Nithilan Baby Boy Sign Boy An un-adultered pearl
heart image Nithilesh Baby Boy Sign Boy The God of pearls
heart image Nivedhana Baby Boy Sign Boy A humble request

South Indian baby boy names are a wonderful fusion of cultural heritage, practices, and languages. These names represent the region and have a charm of their own. Although they are referred to as South Indian names, their usage is not restricted to only that region. People from all over the world would love to use these names for their little angels. If you are someone who is proud and amused by South Indian culture, then incorporating these names would be a great way to honor the culture.

Infographic: Refreshing South Indian Names For Baby Boys

South Indian baby names are unique and offer an alluring story to tell. These names are often inspired by nature, mythologies, culture, and historical figures. Each name has deep-rooted meanings. If you are searching for names that sound melodious and have interesting meanings, check out this infographic and choose your favorite one for your son.

colorful south zindian names for your charming son (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some traditional or cultural considerations when choosing a South Indian baby boy name?

When selecting a name for your baby boy from South India, it is customary to include the village of origin, the father's name, the chosen given name, and the caste name. Many parents may seek to pay homage to paternal grandfathers or esteemed ancestors, upholding the cherished family heritage. Moreover, names embodying positive attributes, virtues, or desired qualities for their child are often favored. For instance, the widely embraced name Arya exemplifies 'noble,' while Prakash radiates with the profound significance of 'light.'

2. What are some historical or mythological South Indian baby boy names?

Selecting names for baby boys in South Indian culture becomes an enchanting journey intertwined with mythological grandeur. Eeraj, evoking imagery of the 'son of wind-god,' Karthikeyan, embodying the essence of 'to cut,' and Manikandan, resplendent as 'one with a bell around his neck,' stand as profound symbols of this rich heritage. Karthikeyan, a divine appellation synonymous with the deity Skanda, and Manikandan, an epithet adorning the revered Hindu God Ayyappan (1), further illuminate the depths of Hindu mythology.


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