59 South Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings


South India is predominantly a Dravidian language-speaking belt. South Indian baby girl names reflect the region's linguistic diversity, constituting over twenty-six languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada (1). Female names of this region symbolize aspired attributes, including purity, strength, elegance, beauty, and intelligence. Families in South India also practice naming their girls after deities, elements of nature, virtues, celestial bodies, or ancestors. There are multiple variations when it comes to naming conventions in South India. For instance, surnames were abandoned among the Tamils following the Dravidian Movement in the 1930s due to their association with caste identity. However, the family name comes before the given name in the Telugu naming pattern. Malayali names contain three parts: the name of the village, the paternal name, and the personal name. In the Kannada naming convention, the first name is followed by the father’s name and the surname in the North of Karnataka. But in the South, the village name comes first, followed by the father's name, the given name, and the surname. In fact, both Tamil and Kannada women are encouraged to adopt their husband’s first name as their surname after marriage. In Dravidian culture, choosing ancestor names is expected as it shows respect for one’s bloodline. Traditional South Indian names have persisted in use despite the advances of modernity and globalization because of their profound cultural resonance and rich linguistic background. However, parents nowadays are exploring more modern and distinctive names while maintaining a strong cultural connection, resulting in a charming fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. South Indian baby girl names are not simply labels but representations of cultural identity, ancestry, spirituality, and parental aspirations. They stand for a treasured custom that unites generations and preserves the vibrant cultural fabric of the area. Exploring South Indian baby girl names may be a fascinating adventure, whether you are of South Indian ancestry or appreciate the linguistic beauty of these names. The list below will give you ample options to pick a name for your daughter.

heart image Abhitha Baby Girl Sign Girl A fearless or a courageous woman
heart image Abirami Baby Girl Sign Girl A pleasant and beautiful girl
heart image Asistha Baby Girl Sign Girl Very quick
heart image Bhaanumati Baby Girl Sign Girl Full of luster
heart image Bhaanupriya Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved of the sun
heart image Eashwari Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Parvati
heart image Nakkiran Baby Girl Sign Girl A brave poetess who writes against evils of society
heart image Nalli Baby Girl Sign Girl Healthy; Free from diseases
heart image Nandini Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasure
heart image Nanmani Baby Girl Sign Girl Resembles an outstanding gemstone
heart image Niauppama Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful or pleasant person
heart image Parushi Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is beautiful and intelligent
heart image Pavika Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Saraswati
heart image Prahasini Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who loves smiling
heart image Prasoona Baby Girl Sign Girl A Flower
heart image Ranamita Baby Girl Sign Girl A friend in need
heart image Reepal Baby Girl Sign Girl Love
heart image Ridhushni Baby Girl Sign Girl Season
heart image Riyanshi Baby Girl Sign Girl Cheerful
heart image Romini Baby Girl Sign Girl Pretty
heart image Roshita Baby Girl Sign Girl Illuminated
heart image Saanvika Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Lakshmi
heart image Sachika Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is kind
heart image Sahita Baby Girl Sign Girl The Lord Saibaba Message
heart image Sampreeti Baby Girl Sign Girl Real love and attachment
heart image Sanheeta Baby Girl Sign Girl A compilation; A bunch of Vedic hymns
heart image Sanithi Baby Girl Sign Girl Obtainment
heart image Sanjushree Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Semanti Baby Girl Sign Girl Indian white rose
heart image Sendhen Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is as sweet as honey
heart image Sevandhi Baby Girl Sign Girl Chrysanthemum
heart image Shashibala Baby Girl Sign Girl The moon
heart image Sinhi Baby Girl Sign Girl Lioness
heart image Siyasundari Baby Girl Sign Girl Wife of Lord Shiva
heart image Tokka Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is united or joined
heart image Tungabhadra Baby Girl Sign Girl Highly auspicious or blessed; Name of an Indian river
heart image Udgita Baby Girl Sign Girl A hymn
heart image Udhayarani Baby Girl Sign Girl Rising queen
heart image Umarani Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen of queens
heart image Unmesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Visible
heart image Urvija Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of Goddess Laxmi
heart image Urvisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord of The Earth
heart image Ushika Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of Goddess Parvati
heart image Vaijayantimala Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord Vishnu's garland
heart image Vikasni Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of Goddess Lakshmi
heart image Vindhuja Baby Girl Sign Girl Knowledge
heart image Virangana Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is brave
heart image Viri Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Visheta Baby Girl Sign Girl Self-control
heart image Viti Baby Girl Sign Girl Light
heart image Vritti Baby Girl Sign Girl Nature or behavior
heart image Vyoma Baby Girl Sign Girl Bird; Who lives in the sky
heart image Yashna Baby Girl Sign Girl To pray
heart image Yashwitha Baby Girl Sign Girl Success
heart image Yathartha Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth
heart image Yatika Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Durga
heart image Yogyasri Baby Girl Sign Girl Good
heart image Yubhashana Baby Girl Sign Girl A name for Goddess Mahalakshmi
heart image Yutika Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower

South Indian baby girl names are steeped in divine symbolism, virtues, and family lineage. They help preserve the Dravidian language family and the region's diverse traditions. These names are a testimony of their unique social fabric and religious synergy. Exploring these names offers a captivating insight into the cultural richness and diversity of South India. Thus, whether you are of South Indian descent or admire their linguistic charm, these names will inspire you.

Infographic: Charming South Indian Baby Girl Names

South Indian baby girl names have an alluring charm. These names bear the essence of spirituality yet have a modern touch. They carry a rich history of South Indian languages and symbolize ancestral lineage, religious connotations, and parental aspirations. Explore the following infographic, which provides some beautiful South Indian baby girl names and their meanings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do South Indian girl names differ from names in other regions of India?

South Indian names are derived from Dravidian languages and customs, unlike other regions in India, which borrow from Indo-Aryan influences. These names have unique phonetic structures that reflect the richness of language, cultural heritage, deities, regional customs, and cast hierarchies. In addition, these names also borrow inspiration from regional literature and Dravidian adaptations of scriptures rather than follow Sanscritic literature. Each southern state also has its unique naming patterns and rules that do not necessarily follow the Indo-Aryan or Western style of naming.

2. What are some South Indian girl names inspired by Hindu mythology?

Kalyani is a beautiful name meaning 'lovely,' 'beautiful,' and 'auspicious' in Sanskrit. It is an alternate name for the goddess Parvati. Indira means 'beauty' in Sanskrit and is another name for the goddess Lakshmi, the wife of the Hindu god Vishnu. Aruna, meaning 'dawn,' is associated with lord Surya's charioteer, whereas Aparna translates to 'leafless' and is another name for the Hindu goddess Parvati.

3. What are some popular South Indian girl names that have Sanskrit origins?

Puja, also written as Pooja, is a popular South Indian name meaning 'honor' or 'worship.' Padmini is a charming name that means 'multitude of lotuses' and represents the beauty and grace of the lotus flower. Kiran (sunbeam), Indumati (full moon), Devi (goddess), and Anjali (salutation) are some more Sanskrit-origin names that parents from diverse linguistic and ethnic backgrounds can embrace.

4. What are some popular South Indian girl names that have Tamil origins?

Amala (pure), Harini (deer), Ezhil (beauty), Thamarai (lotus), and Vaishnavi (belonging to Vishnu) are a few South Indian names with positive connotations. These Tamil origin names represent the beauty, elegance, and purity of different aspects of human life.

5. What are some South Indian girl names inspired by nature or the environment?

Yamuna, possibly derived from the name of the goddess Yami, is the name of an Indian river. Sandhya means twilight in Sanskrit and is Lord Brahma's daughter's name. Pushpa (flower), Meena (fish), and Aruna (the reddish glow of the dawn) are more nature-inspired South Indian girls' names that exude beauty and serenity associated with natural elements.


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  1. Bhadriraju Krishnamurti; (2003); The Dravidian Languages.
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