125 Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

CatalinaA woman of great purityGirl
CadelariaA woman born in the CandlemasGirl
CalidaShe is the most beautidulGirl
CaliforniaAn US state nameGirl
CalliOne who is the most beautiful among all womenGirl
CalvinaA bald womanGirl
CalvineA hairless womanGirl
CalyndaShe is a beautyGirl
CambreyA changing womanGirl
CambriShe is changingGirl
CamileA free-born womanGirl
CancianaOne belonging to Anzio, Italy.Girl
CandelaShe burns like a candleGirl
CandelariaShe is like a candleGirl
CandeloraA form of Candelaria, meaning candle.Girl
CandessA little candleGirl
CandiOne who glows brightGirl
CandiceA sparkling, glowing womanGirl
CandilaHer glow is whiteGirl
CanyonA very large ravine, a canyonGirl
CareneA little beloved, pure and darling oneGirl
CariA very dear oneGirl
CarianaA little darling oneGirl
CaridadA very charitable personGirl
CarillaA mainly womanGirl
CarinaShe who is dearGirl
CarindaA beloved dear girlGirl
CarinnaA lady who is very little and dearGirl
CaritaA beloved, dear, deeply cared for womanGirl
CarlaA woman who acts like a man doesGirl
CarlitaA little one who is acting very mainlyGirl
CarlotaA strong womanGirl
CarlottaShe has a man's strenghtGirl
CarlytaTo be a free womanGirl
CarmeA woman who is like a garden. Also one who harvestGirl
CarmeliaShe who has a gardenGirl
CarmelitaShe is like a beautiful gardenGirl
CarmellaA woman of goldGirl
CarmelleShe is made of goldGirl
CarmellianaA noble golden girlGirl
CarmenA woman who is like a fruitful gardenGirl
CarmencitaA little one who is like a gardenGirl
CarmerlitaShe is a cute little girl who is like a gardenGirl
CarmillaA woman from the orchardGirl
CarminShe is like a beautiful songGirl
CarminaOne who is like a songGirl
CarmindaTo be like a beautiful songGirl
CarmitaA woman with rosy cheeksGirl
CarmyaA tender songGirl
CarolinaA song of joy and happinessGirl
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