40 Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter D

DaboraA BeeGirl
DacioFrom ArcyGirl
DaejaAlready; strong personGirl
DaijaAlready in makingGirl
DalaryGift of GodGirl
DaliDrawn towards GodUnisex
DamaA noble womanGirl
DamitaA little noble ladyGirl
DanielaGod is powerfulGirl
DeianiraGreatest destruction everGirl
DejaOne who has already been madeGirl
DelizRoman empress; one who gives pleasureGirl
DelmaA person who came out of the seaGirl
DeloraSorrow; one who is near seashoreGirl
DeloresVirgin Mary; one who is filled with painGirl
DelorisOne who is dipped in sorrowGirl
DenisaForm of Denis; one who works for othersGirl
DiaDaughter of morning; dayGirl
DianaA divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirthGirl
DignaOne who is worthy of all the praiseGirl
DionisiaThey are the one who spread light; coming from lampGirl
DitaOne who spoils; a happy warfareGirl
DoloraIts a derivative of German name Dolores which means 'Sorrow'Girl
DoloreaVirgin Mary of SorrowsGirl
DoloresIt's derived meaning in Spanish means 'Sorrow'Girl
DolorisIt means 'Sorrow' in SpanishGirl
DomingaOne who is born on the day of the LordGirl
DominicaOne who is very close to LordGirl
DonaLady; one who is very respectableGirl
DoresPain and sufferingGirl
DorindaA creative individual who is a Gift of GodGirl
DoroteiaA variant of Dorothea, meaning gift of God.Girl
DrinaOne who defends the mankind and is a variant nameGirl
DucelThe one who is filled with sweetnessGirl
DuenaProtective Companion; a chaperonGirl
DulceIt means someone who is sweet by nature.Girl
DulceaThey are very sweet naturedGirl
DulcinaOne who is lovely; creativeGirl
DulcineaOne who has a sweet and lovely natureGirl
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