116 Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MarttaShe who is a lady, a misstressGirl
Ma�derA place name, one who is from Basque countyGirl
MacaA person who is happy and culturedGirl
MacarenaThe blessed oneGirl
MacariaOld Greek - Blessed;Girl
MadiaA bitter oneGirl
MadicellaInsightful, sensitive and energetic individualGirl
MadinaA Quranic name for girls that means city of the ProphetGirl
MadraMother, one who is motherlyGirl
MadreSpanish word for motherGirl
MadridA place name, Madrid in SpainUnisex
MadronaMother GoddessGirl
MafaldaA powerful warriorGirl
MagdalaHebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MagdalinaA woman from the tower townGirl
MahoganyDark Red WoodGirl
MaiceanOne whose hair is the color of the cornGirl
MaisaShe who is walking proudlyGirl
MaiteSpanish name for loveGirl
MalakOne who is Angel-likeGirl
MaletaSpanish name, meaning suitcaseGirl
MalisaA soothing balm, lemon balmGirl
MandalitSpanish girl nameGirl
ManuelaGod Is With Us; Feminine form of Manuel which is derived from the Hebrew name EmanuelGirl
ManuellaSpanish name meaning God is with usGirl
MaquinnaSpanidh word meaning machineUnisex
MarabellaA sea of bitterness and sorrowGirl
MarayaA woman who is admiredGirl
MarbellaA Spanish place nameGirl
MarciellaA young warriorGirl
MargariaA daisy flowerGirl
MargaridaPortuguese word for daisyGirl
MargaritaOne who is as beautiful as a pearlGirl
MargeriaA daisy flowerGirl
MargoriaSpanish name for Marjorie meaning pearlGirl
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MariajoseA bitterly wanted childGirl
MarianaOne who is bitterGirl
MarianelaOne who is rebelious and like a starGirl
MariannaA glorious sea of sorrowGirl
MaricelA warlike girlGirl
MaricelaA combative young girlGirl
MariczaA bitter womanGirl
MarifelCombination of Miria-sea of sorrow and Felicity-happinessGirl
MarinaA woman of the seaGirl
MariposaOne as beautiful and delicate as a butterflyGirl
MarisaA child that was wished forGirl
MariselaA woman who is warlike and agressiveGirl
MarisolOne who is like the sea of solitudeGirl
MarissaA beautiful lady of the seaGirl
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