40 Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NadiaThe person who is full promises.Girl
NahiaAn aspiration to do somethingGirl
NaiaIn Latin it means A Nymph. In Russian it refers to the hopeGirl
NaiaraRefers to the Virgin MaryGirl
NalleliOne that have a set of beautiful eyesGirl
NallelyWho have a pair of good-looking eyesGirl
NaolinAztec ancient tribe god of the sunGirl
NarcisaA transparent and green color piece of precious gem, Emerald.Girl
NataliaNewcomer to this world on Christ's born day.Girl
NatalinaCame to existence on Christmas dayGirl
NathaliaSame birthday as Christ.Girl
NatividadChristmas day child.Girl
NayaraOf the Virgin MaryGirl
NeeraUnpolluted water or clean water or sugary.Girl
NeinaA city by the stream.Girl
NekaneThe hill near Mekkah.Girl
NeliaHaving or wielding force or authorityGirl
NelidaThe person who is massive in the combatGirl
NenaSweet little girl, the favourite great grand daughter.Girl
NereaThe one who has own the proprietorship.Girl
NereidaThe fairy or spirit from the ocean or sea.Girl
NeridaSea goblin or sea gnome.Girl
NevaWhite snowGirl
NichaelaA winner or a victorious oneGirl
NicolasaThe people who win the title winner.Girl
NidiaDisposed to bestow favours.Girl
NieuA pure or spotless girlGirl
NievaThe one who is spotless and unpolluted.Girl
NievesWhite snow flakes fall from the sky.Girl
NinaThe precious talent from the most high God.Girl
NinetteThe valuable talent from God.Girl
NinfaBeloved Angel of the GodGirl
NitaIn Hindi it means moral or faithful person. In Spanish it means God's gift.Girl
NoaUndertaking or wave program or indication.Unisex
NoeliaDelightful Christmas time.Girl
NoemiAgreeable nature or enjoyableness.Girl
NohemiLovely or wonderful or enjoyable.Girl
NoraThe person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.Girl
NoritaTradition, law, act, decree.Girl
NuriaThe Lord of the burning fire.Girl
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