57 Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SantiagoSaint JamesUnisex
SabanaShe who is from the open plainGirl
SabeliaName of an ancient tribe in Italy.Girl
SabinoA Sabine person; sober and intellectualGirl
SafiraSpanish name for sapphireGirl
SagrarioA church, a a tabernacleGirl
SalmaShe who brings peaceGirl
SalsaA name of the danceGirl
SaludSpanish for health or cheersGirl
SalutHeath, Cheers. A spanish wordGirl
SalvatoraShe is the saviorGirl
SalviaA person who redeems, who saves othersGirl
SalvinaA wise woman, a saviourGirl
SanchaSacred, holy and mysterious oneGirl
SancheBlessed oneUnisex
SangayOne who frightens peopleGirl
SanjuanaSaint John; John the apostle in the bibleGirl
SanjuanitaSaint john; John the evangelist one of the twelve apostlesGirl
SantaOne who is a saintGirl
SantanaA saint-ly manUnisex
SantidadSpanish wodr meaning holinesGirl
SantinaA little saintGirl
SanvahAn open plainGirl
SapphirePrecious gemGirl
SavanhaA tropical grasslandGirl
SavannaFrom the open grassy plainUnisex
SavannahFrom the open grassy plainUnisex
SelenaMoon goddessGirl
SemproniaEternal and everlasting.Girl
SenaldaA sing from GodGirl
SerafinaFrom seraphim meaning fiery onesGirl
SergioAn attendant, a servantUnisex
SevillaA spanish place nameGirl
SieraTo be like a mountainGirl
SierraFrom the jagged mountain rangeUnisex
SilvanaA woman of the woodsGirl
SilviA woman from the woodsGirl
SilviaWooded, forestUnisex
SilvianaShe is a girl of the forestGirl
SocorroA helpful person. One who will helpGirl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SolaA woman who is aloneGirl
SolanaOne who is warm and bright like a sunshineGirl
SolenneShe is like a sunlightGirl
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