44 Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

Talisa A form of tallis Girl
Tanis Serpent lady Unisex
Tavia She who is born eight Girl
Tavita She who is eight in line Girl
Tejana Girl from Texas Girl
Telma She who has will Girl
Teodec An entire Earth; fertile Girl
Teodora God's gift Girl
Tequila A kind of liquor Girl
Tequilla Drink made from agave plant Girl
Tere Guardian of the harvest Girl
Teresa Harvester Girl
Teresita A popular saint's name Girl
Tesoro Person in charge of the finances Girl
Tessa Harvester Unisex
Theresa A harvester Unisex
Tia An aunt, daughter born to royalty Unisex
Ticha A noble person who brings joy Girl
Tiera the earth or the land Girl
Tierra Earth Unisex
Tilda the strength or power in battle Girl
Tilde A title or a superscription Girl
Tirsa Pleasant Girl
Toca A cap or headgear Girl
Tocca The touch of a person Girl
Toccara The friendly of beloved touch Girl
Toiya A victory or a win Girl
Tomasa Twin girl child, also a negro Girl
Tomasina One of a twin baby girl Girl
Tona One who is highly praised and priceless Girl
Topacia A jewel or gemstone Girl
Torhta Twisted or folded over Girl
Tranquilla One who is tranquil or calm Girl
Trella The star of the sky Girl
Tria In Greek it refers to the follower of Demeter. In Spanish it is the count of three Girl
Triana In Sanskrit it means one who is piercing. In Spanish it means Third Girl
Trini A holy girl, holy trinity Girl
Tristessa A hope or the hope to free from sadness Girl
Tula Mountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquil Girl
Tuli Refers to a brush which uses to paint anything. Unisex
Tulia Refers to the boundary of the beauty. Girl
Tullia Feminine form of tullius (Name of an ancient king) Girl
Tulya Be the same as or corresponded. Girl
Tya Sister of the father or mother or the wife of uncle, aunt. Girl
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