1605 Spanish Baby Names With Meanings

There are so many things to love about the Spanish language. It’s romantic, rolls off the tongue effortlessly, and gives so much inspiration in the baby name department. If you’re also looking for some Spanish baby names, we’ve got you covered. Just keep reading.

You must have noticed that Spanish names are longer than those found in other cultures. And by longer, we don’t mean more letters. Their names consist of more words. At the time of birth, Spanish babies are given one or two given names and two surnames. The first surname is the paternal surname, which is the father’s first surname and second is the maternal surname, which is the mother’s first surname. Women are not required to change their surname after they get married. So in a family, the mother, father, and children can have different surnames. Another important thing to note is that full names are used only in formal, legal, and document-related matters while given names or first names are used in day-to-day life.

From the country of tortillas, Don Quixote, margarita, and flamingo MomJunction brings you a list of exotic, traditional, and popular Spanish baby names with meanings. We hope it will help you make a choice that is right for you and your family.

BonieA woman who is gorgeous, beutifulGirl
BonitaA pretty little womanGirl
BonitoA good little oneBoy
BonnySHe who is beautiful and very charmingGirl
BraulioA meadow situated on a hillsideBoy
BrendyA sword; a weapon used at the time of warsgirl
BriandThe old English form of Briand, meaning strong or hill.Boy
BriciaA very strong womanGirl
BriendaAn open oneGirl
BrigidaA strong, firm, healthy womanGirl
BrisaShe is like a breezeGirl
BrunildaA protector in the battleGirl
BuenaOne with good natureGirl
BuenaventuraA good fortune in spanishBoy
CadelariaA woman born in the CandlemasGirl
CaegaA Sanish male nameBoy
CaegeA male name of Spanish originBoy
CalderonAn occupational name, meaning tinkerBoy
CalidaShe is the most beautidulGirl
CaliforniaAn US state nameGirl
CalliOne who is the most beautiful among all womenGirl
CalvinaA bald womanGirl
CalvineA hairless womanGirl
CalyndaShe is a beautyGirl
CambreyA changing womanGirl
CambriShe is changingGirl
CamileA free-born womanGirl
CancianaOne belonging to Anzio, Italy.Girl
CandaHe glows brightlyBoy
CandelaShe burns like a candleGirl
CandelariaShe is like a candleGirl
CandelarioName derived from festival of CandlemasBoy
CandeloraA form of Candelaria, meaning candle.Girl
CandessA little candleGirl
CandiOne who glows brightGirl
CandiceA sparkling, glowing womanGirl
CandilaHer glow is whiteGirl
CanyonA very large ravine, a canyonGirl
CareneA little beloved, pure and darling oneGirl
CariA very dear oneGirl
CarianaA little darling oneGirl
CariannA man who is a darlingBoy
CaridadA very charitable personGirl
CarillaA mainly womanGirl
CarinaShe who is dearGirl
CarindaA beloved dear girlGirl
CarinnaA lady who is very little and dearGirl
CaritaA beloved, dear, deeply cared for womanGirl
CarlaA woman who acts like a man doesGirl
CarlitaA little one who is acting very mainlyGirl
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