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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Suki

Suki is a cute feminine name of Japanese origin. This Asian name signifies a loved one. The word implies a liking or fondness for someone or something. It also suggests being romantically interested in someone and your favorite person. In many Asian cultures, Suki is also a favored customer. It refers to a regular who becomes a recipient of preferential treatment.

In martial arts, Suki means an opening to the enemy. It is a weak point that is potentially advantageous for an opponent. The term also means a buyer or seller involved in an arrangement wherein the customer only prefers to shop from that particular seller.

The name Suki is commonly used to talk about people, hobbies, and things a person likes. Apart from that, it is also used in anime and real life by people in Japan to confess their love for someone. The name is sometimes pronounced ‘ski.’ The word forms the suffix of the Japanese term ‘daisuki,’ which means ‘I really like you,’ and is an expression to convey a great amount of love for a person.

The name is a part of related Japanese names for confessing love or affection for a person. These include ‘kanji,’ ‘daisuki,’ and ‘ashiteru.’ Each of these words points to a specific nuance of love. For example, ‘kanji’ means to like something, while ‘ashiteru’ means ‘I love you.’

Some variations of Suki include Saki, Sugi, Soo ki, Suu Kyi, Sukie, Sukey, Suky, Sukee, and Tsuki.

You can find some fictional occurrences of the name in popular culture. For example, Suki is a character in the novel ‘Johnny Tremain,’ an enslaved person who helps the revolutionaries. Suki Meadows is the character from the movie ‘One Day.’ Suki Yaki is the character in the 1966 film ‘What’s Up, Tiger Lily?’


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How To Pronounce Suki?


Famous People With The Name Suki

  • (Alice) Suki WaterhouseEnglish model who has appeared on British, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese and Turkish Vogue
  • Suki Low (born Low Sook Yee)Malaysian singer known for her album, Finally/Akhirnya
  • Suki KimAward-winning novelist known for her book, The Interpreter
  • Susannah Claire “Suki” BrownsdonEnglish former competitive swimmer and an Olympic silver medalist
  • Suki SchorerAmerican ballet dancer who danced with George Balanchine’s New York City Ballet from 1959 to 1972

Suki On The Popularity Chart

Suki’s popularity started rising from 2006 and reached a high point in 2008. Find more details in the graph below.

Popularity Over Time

The name Suki has not been popular in the past but its popularity has somewhat risen in recent years. In 2021, 20 babies per million got this name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name’s rank has improved over time and shot up from around 12000 in 1989 to around 6000 in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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