41 Swahili Baby Girl Names With Meanings

BarikaBloom, Be SuccessfulGirl
Jinathey are born investigator with the leadership skills. They like to keep themselves moving and have curiosity to learn and gain knowledge.Unisex
KamariaThe name means Bright like the MoonGirl
KesiBorn at time of great trouble for fatherGirl
LakeishaLakeisha means JoyfulGirl
PendaAfrican - Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of PenhaGirl
ShaniA wonderful womanGirl
ZaharaTo shine, to bloomGirl
AdeaA kind gift from the GodGirl
AdiaA gift, or a gift from the GodGirl
AdiahGod's gift or God's ornamentsGirl
AhadiPromising, With much promiseGirl
AiyshaPowerful and completeGirl
AkinaSolidarity, bond, family bondGirl
AmanaA warrior at heart who is faithful and loyalUnisex
AmneAfrican - Swahili - Safe; SecureGirl
AtienaGuardian of the night.Girl
BanouFemale; Lady; PrincessGirl
ChikuThe one talking a lotGirl
Hasnaaveru beautifulGirl
JohariSomething of value,jewel,something precious which is adoredGirl
KichakaKichaka means The one Who BlushesGirl
LakiciaShe who is a Favorite among peopleGirl
MosiThe first born childUnisex
MosiyaThe child who born first to the parentsUnisex
NalahA lioness, furious as lionessGirl
NallaA successful person, who achieved everythingGirl
NeaRadiant, Shimmering, Glossy, Glistening.Girl
NiaghAn aim or a purposeGirl
NyaA friend, a companionGirl
NyimboAn Arabic word one who gives respect and honour others.Girl
PaccaAnother name of a pussycat; lovely personGirl
RussomOne who is a leader, a head of the chargeUnisex
SikudhaniA pleasant surpriseGirl
TabiaPolite behavior and talentedGirl
TambikaReligious offeringGirl
TishA strong will or will-powerGirl
TishalaOne who has a strong will powerGirl
ZalikaOne who is well born.Girl
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