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swahili baby names

Selecting a baby name is like embarking on a treasure hunt, where you are sure to be a winner. The perfect name is hidden on the Internet or between the folds of a baby name book. You just have to find out the perfect one, which, you surely will. If you’re on a hunt for a Swahili baby name, MomJunction has created a cheat sheet for you.

Swahili, the official language of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo, is highly influenced by other languages and dialects. Some of the Swahili words are Arabic, obtained from the 12 centuries contact with the Arabic nations. The vocabulary also includes English, Persian, Portuguese, German, and French words, attained through contact with these countries in the past centuries. This influence is reflected in Swahili baby names as well, considering a large number of Swahili names are either Arabic or Biblical.

Below is MomJunction's wide selection of traditional, modern, unique, and famous Swahili baby names with meanings and its traditional gender use.

KichakaKichaka means The one Who BlushesGirl
KitoA precious stone.Boy
KobeKobe meand TortoiseBoy
KondoA warriorBoy
LakiciaShe who is a Favorite among peopleGirl
MosiThe first born childUnisex
MosiyaThe child who born first to the parentsUnisex
NalahA lioness, furious as lionessGirl
NallaA successful person, who achieved everythingGirl
NeaRadiant, Shimmering, Glossy, Glistening.Girl
NiaghAn aim or a purposeGirl
NyaA friend, a companionGirl
NyimboAn Arabic word one who gives respect and honour others.Girl
PaccaAnother name of a pussycat; lovely personGirl
RethThe King, the RulerBoy
RussomOne who is a leader, a head of the chargeUnisex
ShomariOne with a forceful personalityBoy
SikudhaniA pleasant surpriseGirl
TabariA famous HistorianBoy
TabiaPolite behavior and talentedGirl
TambikaReligious offeringGirl
ThimbaHe who hunts lionsBoy
TishA strong will or will-powerGirl
TishalaOne who has a strong will powerGirl
ZalikaOne who is well born.Girl
ZuberiOne who is strong.Boy
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