133 Swedish Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Swedish baby boy names draw inspiration from nature, myths, and notable figures, resulting in a unique array of meaningful choices for parents seeking the perfect name for their little ones. As you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy, choosing a name becomes a heartwarming decision that will forever define your child.

In Sweden, individuals will have a surname and at least one given name, often two. Surnames are passed down through a sequence of 'matching elder sibling if available, parent-specified, or maternal surname.' Given names are chosen by parents upon birth. In everyday conversation, the calling name, typically one of the given names, holds prominence in Scandinavian countries. This preference is highlighted in written contexts through methods like asterisks or capitalization.

In the 15th century, Latin names gained popularity, with the given name introduced after 'Herr' (Sir) and a Latinized version of the patronymic names. Another trend emerged involving the use of Greek, resulting in names like 'ander,' the Greek term for man. The 18th and 19th centuries saw the rise of prefixes like 'von' and 'af,' indicating nobility and often accompanied by modifications to the original name. Notably, when a nobleman advanced in rank, a new lineage formed as an independent house, often marked by 'af' and a location identifier.

Upon a child's birth in Sweden, parents must register the name with the Swedish Tax Agency, adhering to the country's naming law. Within three months, the intended name must be presented, avoiding choices that don't comply with Swedish naming regulations. Specific names like Metallica, Superman, Ikea, Allah, and Albin have been rejected due to non-compliance.

Discover our curated selection of Swedish baby boy names, thoughtfully chosen to capture the essence of your precious little one.

heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Alexander Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Elias Baby Boy Sign Boy One who believes Yahweh is the Lord
heart image Hugo Baby Boy Sign Boy Mind; Spirit
heart image Liam Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong-willed warrior
heart image Lucas Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Oliver Baby Boy Sign Boy Olive tree planter
heart image Oscar Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer loving one; Friend of deer
heart image William Baby Boy Sign Boy Will; Protector
heart image Acke Baby Boy Sign Boy My father is for peace
heart image Alesso Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Strong; Defender
heart image Ame Baby Boy Sign Boy Eagle
heart image Andreas Baby Boy Sign Boy Manly and strong
heart image Aron Baby Boy Sign Boy Teaching; Singing
heart image Baldhere Baby Boy Sign Boy A bold and courageous army
heart image Boje Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who comes from the castle
heart image Bore Baby Boy Sign Boy He is like the north wind
heart image Bosse Baby Boy Sign Boy Swedish - To Live
heart image Bota Baby Boy Sign Boy A remedy or compensation
heart image Botild Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is very commanding
heart image Brictwen Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright friend
heart image Brodin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong, mighty, brave
heart image Caj Baby Boy Sign Boy Joyful individual
heart image Calle Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is free
heart image Caspian Baby Boy Sign Boy White
heart image Cenn Baby Boy Sign Boy The one with a strong head
heart image Christer Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is Christian by religion
heart image Claes Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from the name Nicholas; One who was a helpful bishop from the 14th century; Vctory of the people
heart image Daavid Baby Boy Sign Boy A beloved friend
heart image Didrik Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has the power to rule people
heart image Dolph Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble wolf
heart image Egonia Baby Boy Sign Boy Edge of a sword
heart image Ehrenfried Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace and harmony loving being
heart image Eidef Baby Boy Sign Boy A wealthy gift from the god almighty
heart image Eilhard Baby Boy Sign Boy Edge of sword; Hardy and loves fellow men
heart image Einar Baby Boy Sign Boy The one and only warrior
heart image Elfred Baby Boy Sign Boy An efficient and popular human being
heart image Elimar Baby Boy Sign Boy A famous and noble personality
heart image Elling Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the descendant of a chief
heart image Elof Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is always and everlasting; heir
heart image Emil Baby Boy Sign Boy Rival
heart image Engelard Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave and illuminating like light
heart image Eugen Baby Boy Sign Boy Well born; Noble by birth
heart image Eyvind Baby Boy Sign Boy The winner of the islands
heart image Finnick Baby Boy Sign Boy Person from Fenwick; Marshland farm
heart image Flor Baby Boy Sign Boy Flower; Flourishing
heart image Folke Baby Boy Sign Boy People; Humans; A chief
heart image Geat Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is from Gautland
heart image Gerhard Baby Boy Sign Boy German, Swedish and Dutch form of Gerard; Spear; Brave; Hardy
heart image Gottfrid Baby Boy Sign Boy God's peace
heart image Guppa Baby Boy Sign Boy To catch or take something from; Purposeful; Clever; Expressive
heart image Gustaff Baby Boy Sign Boy Staff of the Gods; Staff of the Goths
heart image Gusten Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Concurred a lot of admiration; A result of age, intelligence, or character
heart image Haldo Baby Boy Sign Boy Highest in Race; Exalted Son
heart image Halen Baby Boy Sign Boy Hall
heart image Hannus Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God is generous; God is gracious
heart image Harald Baby Boy Sign Boy War chief
heart image Hariulf Baby Boy Sign Boy Unknown meaning
heart image Helmar Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous Protector
heart image Hendrik Baby Boy Sign Boy Rules the home
heart image Henke Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the house
heart image Heorrenda Baby Boy Sign Boy An army shield
heart image Hilmar Baby Boy Sign Boy Notorious; Noble
heart image Ikea Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Nordic, modern, minimalist
heart image Jager Baby Boy Sign Boy To chase; To hunt
heart image Joh Baby Boy Sign Boy God is Gracious,merciful; God has favoured; One who wants to improve the lives of others
heart image Johansson Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Johan
heart image Junis Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Born in June
heart image Jurdik Baby Boy Sign Boy Law
heart image Klas Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory of people
heart image Lau Baby Boy Sign Boy Nordic name from a place name, Laurentum
heart image Lennart Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion
heart image Lias Baby Boy Sign Boy A promice made by God
heart image Lindbergh Baby Boy Sign Boy A mountain where the lime trees grow
heart image Linnaeus Baby Boy Sign Boy A boy named after a blue flower; A twinflower
heart image Linne Baby Boy Sign Boy A person named after the twinflower
heart image Linnel Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is like a twinflower
heart image Lorens Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Laurentum; Ancient Italian city
heart image Magnar Baby Boy Sign Boy A Mighty leader of the army
heart image Magne Baby Boy Sign Boy A magnificent fighter and leader
heart image Marric Baby Boy Sign Boy He is the star of the sea
heart image Mats Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift from God
heart image Melker Baby Boy Sign Boy The male sovereign; Ruler of a kingdom
heart image Nichlas Baby Boy Sign Boy The person who always holds the winning title
heart image Nillan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex New arable land
heart image Nobel Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Belonging to nobility or of noble character
heart image Ohthere Baby Boy Sign Boy A true champion; One who is a champ or ahead of all
heart image Olander Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is having a quick and penetrating intelligence
heart image Olaus Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Prahalada
heart image Olin Baby Boy Sign Boy Come to; Take over to; Succeed to
heart image Olle Baby Boy Sign Boy One who inherits title or office
heart image Ollen Baby Boy Sign Boy Inheritance of a title
heart image Olof Baby Boy Sign Boy Remnant, leftover, vestige, or artifact
heart image Ongentheow Baby Boy Sign Boy A Swedish king who is mighty and powerful
heart image Onlaf Baby Boy Sign Boy A relic or a historical heritage
heart image Orpheus Baby Boy Sign Boy The darkness of night
heart image Oskar Baby Boy Sign Boy God's spear; Deer's friend
heart image Peik Baby Boy Sign Boy A troll boy; stone or rock
heart image Pelle Baby Boy Sign Boy One which is a variation of Peter
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In Sweden, enchanting scenery and a vibrant heritage merge, offering a wealth of names echoing its past, natural wonders, and traditions. Amidst a diverse world, Swedish baby boy names provide a welcome touch of elegance, reflecting the beauty of authenticity. Their gentle tones form a calming melody, a tender lullaby for your baby's slumber. From Adam to William, each name holds its distinct charisma, a timeless treasure for your precious child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a popular Swedish boy’s name?

The name Lars is one of the most popular names in Sweden. This traditional Scandinavian name refers to a ‘person hailing from the city of Laurentum.’ Other popular Swedish boy names include Anders, Johan, Peter, Daniel, and Jan. However, remember that the popularity of these names changes every year.

2. Which Swedish name means gift of God?

The Swedish name Mats is derived from the biblical name Matthew, which means ‘gift from God.’ The Swedish variants Teodor and Theodor, derived from the Greek name Theodoros, also mean ‘gift of God.’

3. What are some examples of Americanized Swedish names?

Some Swedish names can be Americanized to suit the normal naming convention followed in the US. For instance, Johan can become John, Lars can be written as Larry, Erik can be spelled as Eric, Gunnar can be converted to Gunner, and Oskar can be changed to Oscar.

4. Which Swedish name means warrior?

The Old Norse name, Einar, is an amalgamation of two words - einn meaning ‘alone’ and herr meaning ‘warrior.’ The name Alvar is derived from the Old Norse name Alfarr, which is a combination of two words alfr and herr, which mean ‘elf warrior.’ Gunnar is yet another Old Norse name that means ‘army, warrior.’

5. What do Swedish baby boy names signify or symbolize?

Swedish baby boy names could symbolize elements of nature. For instance, Björn refers to a bear while Oliver refers to an ‘olive tree.’ Names such as Gabriel and Benjamin, have a biblical connection. In addition to this, there are names such as Gunnar and Hjalmar that mean warrior in Swedish. However, not all Swedish names have explicit meanings or symbolisms, and some names may be chosen simply for their sound or aesthetic appeal.

6. How do Swedish baby boy names differ from other Nordic or Scandinavian names?

Some Swedish baby boy names hold special significance in Swedish culture and heritage. These are associated with Swedish historical figures, traditions, or cultural references and are unique to the native Swedish population. For example, names such as Hjördis derived from the Old Norse name Hjǫrdís, mean ‘sword goddess’ and Ingalill meaning ‘little’ are more common in Sweden than other Scandinavian countries.

7. Are there any famous Swedish men with traditional or modern Swedish names?

Swedish screenwriter and director Ingmar Bergman was once considered one of the greatest and most influential directors of all time. Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer who was known for inventing the Celsius temperature scale.

Infographic: Surreal Swedish Baby Names

Swedish names embody natural elements, resilience, and admirable qualities found in the Scandinavian region and people. Explore Swedish baby boy names in our infographic, letting you bestow your child with a name of meaning and importance.

sublime swedish names for your son (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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