23 Swedish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

EbbaIt means strong .Girl
EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys lifeGirl
EdeltrudThe one who has massive superior strengthGirl
EdritThey are talented and kind heartedGirl
EffeWell spoken; one who tells the truthGirl
EgefrideA peace loving individual who is blessedGirl
EgelfrideOne who is filled with harmony and calmnessGirl
EijaHappy and bright person who is studious naturedGirl
EijiCheerful and one second; eternityGirl
EinaA guardian of properity; beautiful eyesGirl
EldisThey are the ones who are filled with joyGirl
EleonoraShining bright light coming from aboveGirl
ElinLight coming out and is the most beautiful oneGirl
ElisabetOne who is madly devoted to GodGirl
Elvanthis name basically means colours.Girl
Elviniathis name means elfin.Girl
Emblaaccording to Norse mythology Embla was the first woman on earth.Girl
Emelianathis name means to continually strive or excel against a rival.Girl
Emelieliterally meaning someone who is striving or eager to excel when faced in difficult situations against a rival.Girl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
EnglaSwedish feminine form of the word angel.Girl
Ernya Swedish name meaning serious and determined.Girl
Errikaone who rules eternally.Girl
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