233 Swedish Baby Names With Meanings

Sweden hasn’t just given IKEA to the world. The land is also home to some of the most beautiful, sweet, and adorable baby names you’ll ever hear. In fact, most of the popular names in America have Swedish variations, albeit with a Scandinavian flair.

In Sweden, a baby is given one or more given names and a surname. Sweden is quite strict when it comes to names. There’s a Swedish naming law that approves the names desired by parents. Parents need to submit a form with the desired name within three months of the birth of the child. The first name will not be approved if it can cause embarrassment to the child in the future or if they are not suitable as first names.

This law was passed in 1982 to prevent the non-aristocratic families from giving their children names reserved for the noble and aristocratic families. The following year, the law was revised a bit to allow men to adopt their wife’s or partner’s name and women to adopt their husband’s name.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Swedish names of all time. MomJunction has arranged the names according to their traditional gender usage and meaning to help you pick the perfect Swedish name.

LinnaeaA small bluish flower type, known as a twinflowerGirl
LinnaeusA Boy named after a blue flower, a twinflowerBoy
LinneA person named after the twinflowerBoy
LinneaA Girl whose beauty can be compared to a twinflowerGirl
LinnelHe who is like a twonflowerBoy
LorensA man from Laurentum, ancient Italian cityBoy
MagnaA mighty, strong womanGirl
MagnarA Mighty leader of the armyBoy
MagneA magnificent fighter and leaderBoy
MalenaA scandinavian name, woman from the towerGirl
MarikkaA woman of turbulent personalityGirl
MarribaA woman considered the star of the seaGirl
MarricHe is the star of the seaBoy
MatsSwedish name for a gift from GodBoy
MedeleineA woman from Magdala, or one from the high towerGirl
MejaA special loved one, always loving and adorable to othersGirl
MelkerThe Male sovereign, ruler of a kingdom.Boy
NalleA pet teddy bearGirl
NichlasThe person who always holds the winning title.Boy
OhthereA true champion. One who is a champ or ahead of all.Boy
OlanderThe one who is having a quick and penetrating intelligence.Boy
OlausSon of PrahaladaBoy
OlinCome to, take over to, succeed to.Boy
OlleThe one who inherits some title or office.Boy
OllenThe inheritance of a titleBoy
OlofRemnant, left over, vestige, artefact.Boy
OngentheowName of a Swedish King who is mighty and powerfulBoy
OnlafA relic or a historical heritageBoy
OrpheusHaving a dark color or gloomy color.Boy
OskarOne with the fastness of a divine spearBoy
PeikA troll boy; stone or rockBoy
PelleOne which is the variation of PeterBoy
PixieA tiny, green, pinty-eared faryGirl
PovelA small and humble individualBoy
QuenbyScandinavian name meaning womanlyGirl
RagnarA strong armyBoy
RandulfNordic name meaning edge of the wolf's shieldBoy
RegitzeA mighty and distinguished personBoy
ReimondA ruler who recieved good adviceingBoy
RenoThe one who was rebornBoy
RikkeA might and ritch rulerBoy
RikkiOne who rules with a firm handBoy
RonjaA daughter of a robberGirl
RonyaShe who is a daughter of a robberGirl
RosA woman with the qualities of a roseGirl
RoselA woman of rosesGirl
RubertOne who has the glorious lightBoy
RunarA magic, secret manBoy
RurikA notable, legendary rulerBoy
SassaGod is beautifulGirl
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