76 Swiss Baby Boy Names With Meanings

DavidA beloved friendBoy
EliasOne who believes Yahweh is the LordBoy
GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
JulianLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julian is YouthfulBoy
LeonName meaning LionBoy
LiamA worrior of strong willBoy
LouisFrench name meaning Great knight, brave warriorBoy
LucaPlace name, a region in southern ItalyBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
SamuelIt was told by the GodBoy
AccolaNeighbor or to live near.Boy
AdankAdank is Swiss variant of Adam and means earthBoy
AdolfusA noble wolfBoy
AebiPet form of the personal name Adalbert, meaning noble.Boy
AgonThe dawnBoy
AltherrThe name means old master, or an older person of high status.Boy
AmackerTopographic name from 'am Acker', meaning by the field.Boy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
ArditThe golden dayBoy
ArmendGolden intelligence, or golden mindBoy
ArnborgEagle or protectionBoy
BalthisSwiss form of Balthazar, meaning Baal protects the King.Boy
BasteinShort form of Sebastein, meaning one who is revered.Boy
BenzigerSomeone from Benzingen.Boy
BerlingerA habitational name, meaning from Beroldingen.Boy
BertschyA variant of Germanic name Bertwald, meaning bright and famous.Boy
BilleterHabitational name meaning someone from Bilten.Boy
BlerimFlower or bloomBoy
CaflischShortened form of Kalbfleisch, literally meaning calf meat. It may mean an immature person.Boy
CamenzindAn occupational name for a builder of fireplaces and chimneys.Boy
CaspariVariant spelling of Italian Gaspari. It means treasure bearer.Boy
DanuserSwiss variant of Tannhauser or Dannhauser. It means theatre of opera.Boy
DerrerOccupational name for a flax or hemp worker.Boy
DettwilerVariant spelling of Detweiler, a habitational name from Detweiler, a village in Zürich.Boy
DietikerA habitational name for someone from Dietikon near Zürich.Boy
DislerOccupational name for a maker of poles, frames, or wagons. Literally, it means shaft.Boy
EberlyA pet form of Eberhardt, meaning brave or hardy.Boy
EbersoldSwiss variant of Ebersol, meaning wild boar or wallow.Boy
EggenPatronymic from Egge, meaning ridge or edge.Boy
EhliiA noble and brave hearted personUnisex
EigerSharp like a javelin; very strongBoy
ElovEver-heir or successor.Boy
ElsingerProbably a derivative of Elsing.Boy
ErismanAn honorable man.Boy
FahrniA variant of Farni, a topographic name for someone living in an area with ferns.Boy
FassnachtDervied from the word Fastnacht, meaning 'Shrovetide carnival'Boy
FesslerOccupational name for a cooper.Boy
FlamurFlag, or bannerBoy
FrickerDerived from Middle English word frik(i)en, which means to move briskly or nimbly.Boy
FrutigerA habitational name from a place called Fruttigen.Boy
JetmirA good lifeBoy
KettilCauldron or kettleBoy
KushtrimCry of warBoy
LeutrimBrave, full of braveryBoy
MartiA soldier of MarsBoy
NisseVictory of the people.Boy
OrellSwiss accent of Aurelius (golden, glided)Boy
PriminThe first born.Boy
SilvanHe who is from the woodsBoy
TorkelThor's cauldron.Boy
UdoOne with great fortune.Boy
UlrichProsperity and power.Boy
UrsThe bearBoy
WendellA wendBoy
WilburBright resolveBoy
WillardBold resolveBoy
WillermusDetermined guardianBoy
WolfgangWolf strifeBoy
YacineYacine is a variant of the Arabic given name Yasin. It means happiness.Boy
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