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Origin, Meaning, And History of Tatum

Tatum is of English and Welsh origin, derived from the English word “Tate,” meaning “cheerful.” It was originally used as an English surname composed of two elements “taet,” meaning “tight,” and “ham,” meaning “home.” When combined together, the name  means “tightly enclosed homestead,” “light-hearted,” or “cheerful bringer of joy.”

The name can also be linked to the tiny village and a civil parish in Lancashire, England, called Tatham. Tatham is derived from the word “Jadham,” meaning “child” in Bundjalung language, which is spoken in New South Wales. The village was known for hustle and bustle with shops and schools. However, only a post office and a Roman Catholic Church still exist today. The village Tathum has been mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and historical documents. Its use as a surname in Lancashire and Yorkshire dates back to the 12th century signifying a settlement (ham) linked to a person (Tata or Tate).

Tay, Taytay, and Tate are some common nicknames for Tatum with alternative spellings along with Tatem, and Taytum.The popularity of Tatum as a girl name never picked up significantly in the US in the past century. However, things are changing, and it is becoming a popular name for boys in the US in recent years.

The name has also left an imprint in popular culture. Tatum Riley is one of the lead characters in the American film “Scream.” She is an eighteen-year-old girl who is popular in her school and also the younger sister of Dewey Riley and the best friend of Sidney since childhood. Drederick Tatum is a character in the animated show “The Simpsons.” He is a former boxer residing in Springfield who is known for his strength. USS Tatum was an escort ship used in World War II. It was a Buckley-class destroyer used as an escort ship in the US navy from 1944 to 1946.


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One who brings joy
1 word, 5 letters, 2 vowels, 3 consonants
Short and easy to pronounce

How To Pronounce Tatum?

Pronounced as ta-tum

The way you pronounce a name can make all the difference.

Listen to the sound of the name Tatum in English.

Famous People With The Name Tatum

  • Tatum O’NealAmerican actress and the youngest recipient of the Academy Award
  • Channing TatumAmerican actor, known for his role in the film “Step Up”
  • Tatum Paxley (Natalie Holland)American professional wrestler competing in WWE
  • Tatum BellFormer American National Football League running back
  • Tatum KeshwarSouth-African model, crowned as Miss South Africa in 2008

Tatum On The Popularity Chart

The name Tatum has never been out of fashion. However, it gained impetus in the late 1990s and is still one of the most popular names in the US.

Popularity Over Time

The name Tatum took a sudden leap in popularity in 1998, with 690 babies per million being named Tatum compared to 203 babies per million in 1996. The name saw fluctuating popularity in the 21st century, recording its peak popularity in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

From its rank of 1284 in 1980, it entered the top 1000 most popular names in 1996. It made it to the top 500 names in 1998 with a rank of 398 and is ranked 279 in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Tatum

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Popular Sibling Names For Tatum

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Boy Sibling Names For Tatum

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Girl Sibling Names For Tatum

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Names With Similar Meaning As Tatum

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Popular Songs On The Name Tatum

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Name Numerology For Tatum

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the name Tatum?

The name Tatum means ‘light-hearted’ or ‘cheerful bringer of joy.’

2. What is the origin of the name Tatum?

Tatum has English and Welsh origins.

3. How to pronounce the name Tatum?

Tatum is pronounced as ta-tum.

4. Is Tatum a popular name?

Tatum is a unisex name that first ranked among the top 1000 baby boy names in the US in 2010 and secured 318th position in 2022. The name first ranked among the top 1000 baby girl names in the US in 1994 and ranked 274 in 2022. These statistics reveal that Tatum is a popular baby name choice for girls and boys among parents in the US (1).

5. What are some middle names that go well with Tatum?

Tatum is a unique unisex name that oozes style and grace. Therefore, choosing a middle name that is equally distinct and timeless will help in making a good name combination for your little one. Alana (little rock), Ayo (happiness or joy), Chara (joy), and Emily (rival) are some elegant choices that can beautifully complement Tatum’s inclusivity and versatility.


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