56 Telugu Baby Names With Meanings

Aabharana (आभरणा)aabharna signifies valuables, jewels, ornaments, it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity, happiness and honourGirl
Aadrikaadrik has meaning of The rising sun between the mountainsBoy
Aadrika (आद्रिका)cluster of mountains; feminine version of male name AadrikGirl
AarvGreat feel of peaceful and melodious musicBoy
AashritPower of Lord Vishnu who has spear & knife to protect from agniBoy
AjileshA male Telugu name with uncertain meaningBoy
AkalesvaraLord Shiva. It means strength gained through experience, success after test and trialsBoy
AkalmashStainless. Having bubbling spontaneous nature and happy-go-lucky outlook that helps smooth the pathway of lifeBoy
AkaryatanayaKnowledgeable personBoy
AkasmaathA Boy name of Telugu origins with lost meaningBoy
Amuktamalyadathe name has the meaning of liberated, it is also the Name of the poem written by an indian king sri krishna deva rayaGirl
ArvishFreedom lovingBoy
BrugnathA Telugu Boy nameBoy
BruhatA name of Lord VishnuBoy
GajanadRefers to Lord Hanuman.Boy
GanenderMaster of the war.Boy
GangaadattOne of the Asian rivers.Boy
GeethamThe founder of Bagavath Geetha, Lord Krishna.Boy
GeethikOne who is having very pleasing and wonderful voice talent.Boy
GovindaramThey are energetic, adventurous, daring and freedom-loving. They also tend to be versatile, flexible, adaptable, curious, social, sensual, quick-thinking, witty, courageous and worldly.Boy
JanapriyaOne who is loved by the whole worldGirl
KshatragnaKshatragna means Person who Has na All-around KnowledgeBoy
MahitaA person who creates greatnessGirl
MahithOne with the character of a lion who brings honorBoy
ManikondaMale name meaning a Hill of DiamonsBoy
MinnuAn open bright shiny skyUnisex
NayaneshBorderline of the entrance.Boy
NihaanNot accessible to view.Boy
NihantEternal, everlasting, endless.Boy
NihanthCeaseless, unending, interminable.Boy
NikhinThe ruler of snakes.Boy
PrajaiOne who is a citizen, a civilianBoy
PrajayA person who is a civilian or a citizenBoy
PrajithOne who is kind, generous and goodBoy
PrakatA manifested, demonstrated, revealed personBoy
PrakhyaOne of very pleasant appearance and looksGirl
PrakhyatA famous individualBoy
PralayA name for Himalaya. Also means disasterBoy
PramathiTo have wisdom and intelligenceGirl
PranadAnother name of Lord Vishnu and Lord BrahmaBoy
PrasunaOne who looks like a beautiful flowerUnisex
PrathapaOne who is dignified, courageousBoy
PratulOne who owns plentyBoy
PratyakshaThe one who is right in front of you, one who appearsGirl
PrayadarshiA person that everybody likesBoy
PredeshA place, province, stateBoy
PreritA person who is deeply inspired by somethingBoy
PrivrataSatarupa's sonBoy
PriyadarshiA person that is liked by everyoneBoy
PulakeshA joyous, happy, cheerful personBoy
PurnanadaA god-like individualBoy
PurnayanOne who is born full of his parents traitsBoy
PushyamitraOne who is the friend of the best personBoy
RavinandanOne who is the child of the SunBoy
ReshikaA woman who brings light into your lifeGirl
TabasomHappiness from withinGirl
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