103 Teutonic Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Do you want to pick a classic name for your bundle of joy, but fear that it would clash with his classmates at school? Then you must consider Teutonic names. They are distinctive, unique, and will give a distinctive individuality to your child.

Teutonic refers to the Germanic people or ethnolinguistic Indo-European group of people identified by the use of Germanic languages. Teutonic language is divided into three linguistic groups – North Germanic, which includes Norse or Scandinavian, West Germanic, which includes English, Dutch, Frisian, German, and Afrikaans, and East Germanic, which includes Gothic, Vandalic, and Burgundian, all of which are now extinct. Even the Teutonic baby names are derived from the linguistic groups.

A Teutonic baby name was formed by combing two elements, both the elements being chosen by parents. This is the reason behind the extreme diversity in Teutonic first names. Surnames did not exist in those times. People either used their father’s name as the second name or kept just one name. The surnames were introduced in the Teutonic regions in the Late Middle Ages.

From the cultural heritage of Germany, MomJunction brings you its extensive and unique source of Teutonic baby boy and girl names. Take a look!

AdaProsperous, happyGirl
AllisonOf Noble BirthGirl
ArcherAn English bowman usually a surnameBoy
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
BaileyAn administrator or a manager; a GoddessUnisex
BarrettStrength Of A BearGirl
DerrickA gifted ruler. A person with capabilities of being a gifted ruler.Boy
EdithProsperous in WarGirl
ElsaGod who provides satisfaction; truthGirl
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
HarryHouse ruler, Prince HarryBoy
HoldenFrom a surname which started out as a place name meaning deep valley.Boy
OttoA fortunate and wealthy person; the great oneBoy
RicardoA King known for his might and strenghtBoy
RoryA person who is a Red Ruler of peopleBoy
TysonSon of a GermanBoy
WillDetermined to protectBoy
WillaOne who is firm and resolute.Girl
ZeldaBlessed or happyGirl
AdalardA noble person who is braveBoy
AeilmarOne who inspires awe, awesomeBoy
AelgarA bright shining spearBoy
AelmarAwesome or awe-inspiringBoy
AlfonsaTeutonic - Eager for War; Enthusiastic; Noble Warrior; Female Version of Alfonso NobleGirl
AmahnaThe end; a high industrious place which needs to be lovedGirl
AmeryThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertile; a workhorseBoy
AricPraiseworthy ruler, dignified leaderBoy
AubertaAn intelligent personGirl
AwatifKnown for strengthGirl
AyllmerA noble and famous personBoy
AylmarOne who has an amazing fameBoy
BrainardA bold raven; a bold person who is compared to a ravenBoy
CavellA bold oneBoy
CenredAn old King who is a daydreamerBoy
CrosbySomeone who resides by the sign of the crossBoy
DedrickA gifted and popular rulerBoy
DedrikOne who is a gifted and the most powerful rulerBoy
DellwinSelf-respecting individualBoy
DelwynA wonderful beingBoy
DicksonRichard; strong ruler; a leaderBoy
DwijarajOne who is a white or a blondeBoy
EckehartStrong; deer a scared oneBoy
EdolieGood person and a kind beingBoy
EdolinaHelping and pleasant natureGirl
EdwigeRefuge from war; they are independent and confidenGirl
EdytaA rich present; one which is efficientGirl
ElbertaA glorious and intelligent personGirl
EldonThe Elder; one from the valleyBoy
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