120 Thai Baby Names For Boys And Girls


Thailand, a country of sandy beaches, spicy cuisines, and tropical islands, has a heritage that is a fusion of hospitality, generosity, and spirituality. The same can be said about Thai baby names. These reflect the nobility, region, or religion the child belongs to. Thai parents give informal names or nicknames to their children, which they continue to use until the formal registration of the given name. In Thailand, it's customary for individuals to receive a short and endearing nickname during infancy or early years, often comprised of just one or two syllables. When someone presents their nickname, it's customary to use that name for addressing them, unlike in Western tradition, where titles and surnames are commonly employed. Thai culture emphasizes addressing individuals by their personal names, showing a distinct cultural approach to identification. In Thailand, the notion of a 'middle name' doesn't hold sway, and the choice of a family name can sometimes be influenced by religious or personal beliefs (1). For the surname, the people of Thailand follow a Western-European pattern in which a given name is followed by the family name. You’ll notice a wide range of diversity in Thai family names, as they are required to be unique. The noble descendants take the name of their ancestors as their surname. While not widespread, the practice of adopting a new family name exists. Also, there are quite a number of Thai people who change their names frequently, either because of superstition, separation, or divorce. The last names are changed less often because they need the permission of the head of the family. Seeking counsel from monks, fortune tellers, or esteemed community figures is customary for parents aiming to select an auspicious name with positive connotations that embodies their hopes for their child. The common practice of using 'Khun' followed by the personal name, such as 'Khun Somchai,' serves as a gender-neutral honorific, akin to Mr/Mrs/Miss (2). This honorific finds its place in formal settings and when addressing unfamiliar individuals. So whether you have Thai ancestors or you happen to like Thai cuisine, if you want a Thai name for your baby, take a look at our collection below. We’ve covered everything for you.

heart image A-wut Baby Boy Sign Boy Weapon
heart image Aat Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is daring
heart image Achara Baby Girl Sign Girl An angel who is very pretty or beautiful
heart image Ananada Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is prosperous
heart image Anong Baby Girl Sign Girl A gorgeous woman
heart image Anuman Baby Boy Sign Boy Small patience
heart image Anurak Baby Boy Sign Boy The male angel in Thai mythology.
heart image Aom Baby Girl Sign Girl To encircle; To embrace
heart image Aroon Baby Boy Sign Boy Mythical charioteer of the sun; Dawn
heart image Asnee Baby Boy Sign Boy Lightning
heart image Atid Baby Boy Sign Boy The sun
heart image Beam Baby Girl Sign Girl Ray of light
heart image Benz Baby Boy Sign Boy The blessed one
heart image Boon-Mee Baby Boy Sign Boy Lucky; A lucky and fortunate boy
heart image Boon-Nam Baby Boy Sign Boy One born with a good fortune
heart image Boonsri Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Busarakham Baby Girl Sign Girl Yellow sapphire
heart image Chai Baby Boy Sign Boy A lively person who is filled with joy
heart image Chai Son Baby Boy Sign Boy A mischievous boy
heart image Chaisai Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory
heart image Chaiya Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory
heart image Chakan Baby Boy Sign Boy An able bodied person
heart image Chalerm Baby Boy Sign Boy Celebrated
heart image Chalermchai Baby Boy Sign Boy A celebrated victory
heart image Chaloem Baby Boy Sign Boy The apex
heart image Channarong Baby Boy Sign Boy An experienced warrior
heart image Chuanchen Baby Boy Sign Boy Persuasion
heart image David Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Daw Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright and beautiful stars
heart image Decha Baby Boy Sign Boy Power; A powerful person
heart image Duangkamol Baby Girl Sign Girl Right from the heart
heart image Duanphen Baby Girl Sign Girl Full moon
heart image Earth Baby Boy Sign Boy Planet or the soil
heart image Fern Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Green, shade loving plant
heart image Gan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The bold one
heart image Hom Baby Girl Sign Girl The sweet smell
heart image Ice Baby Boy Sign Boy Frozen water or liquid
heart image Jane Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Kamnan Baby Boy Sign Boy The head of the village
heart image Kannika Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful flower
heart image Kanok Baby Girl Sign Girl Design or pattern
heart image Kanokwan Baby Girl Sign Girl Kanok means gold, Wan means sweet
heart image Karawek Baby Girl Sign Girl A bird found in Thailand; Bird
heart image Karnchana Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful and lovely girl
heart image Kasem Baby Boy Sign Boy The feeling of pure happiness
heart image Kasemchai Baby Boy Sign Boy A victorious celebration
heart image Khemkhaeng Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong and powerful man
heart image Khun Mae Baby Girl Sign Girl The honorable mother
heart image Kiet Baby Boy Sign Boy Honorable
heart image Kittibun Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous fortune
heart image Kittichat Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous clan or belonging to a famous clan
heart image Kla Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave and bold man
heart image Klaew Kla Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is brave and daring
heart image Kob Sook Baby Boy Sign Boy A man with his heart full of happiness
heart image Kohsoom Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus in Thai language
heart image Kovit Baby Boy Sign Boy Kovit means He who is an Expert
heart image Kraisee Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion, as brave as a lion.
heart image Kriang Krai Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is well versed in victory.
heart image Kulap Baby Girl Sign Girl The flower rose.
heart image Kwang Baby Girl Sign Girl Deer
heart image Lamai Baby Girl Sign Girl One of soft skin and nature; A caring person
heart image Lamon Baby Boy Sign Boy Gentle
heart image Lawan Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Lawana Baby Girl Sign Girl A graceful and beautiful individual
heart image Lek Baby Boy Sign Boy A small person
heart image Madee Baby Girl Sign Girl A good beginning
heart image Makok Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A place name; One who is from the town Makok in Thailand
heart image Malai Baby Girl Sign Girl A garland of flowers in Thai
heart image Malee Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower; A flower in Thailand
heart image Malivalaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Climbing jasmine
heart image May Baby Girl Sign Girl The fifth month
heart image Mayuree Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Mee Noi Baby Boy Sign Boy Little bear
heart image Mild Baby Girl Sign Girl Kind; Soft-spoken; Tolerant; Mild-tempered; Patient
heart image Mongkut Baby Boy Sign Boy Crown
heart image Nan Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; Elegance; Poise; Balanced
heart image Narong Baby Boy Sign Boy War mongering; Ready for war
heart image Natcha Baby Girl Sign Girl Intelligent
heart image Nattapong Baby Boy Sign Boy An unknown name
heart image Nin Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire
heart image Niran Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is everlasting and never ending
heart image Paitoon Baby Boy Sign Boy A beautiful gemstone found in Thailand.
heart image Pakpao Baby Girl Sign Girl The fighter kite
heart image Pensri Baby Girl Sign Girl The beauty of the moon
heart image Phaelyn Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire; A variant of Phailin
heart image Phaibun Baby Girl Sign Girl To prosper and flourish
heart image Phailin Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire; A variant of Phaelyn
heart image Phairoh Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasant sounding
heart image Phassakorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Sun
heart image Phawta Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasing to the eye
heart image Phichit Baby Boy Sign Boy To win; One who is habituated to win
heart image Phitsamai Baby Girl Sign Girl An adorable woman
heart image Phueng Baby Girl Sign Girl Bee
heart image Pimchan Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful as the moon
heart image Ploy Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious stone or gem
heart image Pravat Baby Boy Sign Boy A historic person
heart image Preed Baby Boy Sign Boy A joyful individual
heart image Prija Baby Girl Sign Girl Intelligence; An intelligent and smart woman
heart image Ratanaporn Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal blessing
heart image Ritthirong Baby Boy Sign Boy Good in fighting
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Amidst the lively and varied canvas of Thai culture, names carry deep importance, reflecting a family's legacy, principles, and dreams. Through a collaborative process involving families, elders, and spiritual leaders, the selected name for the baby echoes parental ambitions while staying in harmony with Thai customs and societal standards. As you approach the end of this collection of Thai baby names, we trust that your discovery of each name's significance and origin has brought both motivation and delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some popular Thai baby names for twins?

Some feminine Thai names for twins can be Achara meaning 'pretty angel,' and Anong, meaning 'beautiful woman.' Another pair of names is Kamon, and Kanda, meaning 'heart' and 'beloved,' respectively. Some masculine names include Prasert and Preecha, which means 'excellent' and 'intelligence,' respectively. Somchai and Somsak mean 'worthy man' and 'power,' respectively.

2. What are some common characteristics of Thai baby names?

Thai names are usually used for official records or record-keeping purposes. However, nicknames given at birth are generally used to refer to them daily. In some cases, nicknames are preferred over the official given name. Thai names can be changed frequently compared to their surnames, and they usually carry a positive connotation (1).

3. Can Thai baby names be based on astrology or horoscopes?

Astrology has been an essential part of the Thai naming conventions. It has been used since ancient times. It uses the birthday to construct a name based on an individual's eight unique attributes, which can impact the person's livelihood and fortune (2).

4. How do Thai baby names reflect the culture and traditions of the country?

Thai names are deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. They depict a mix of religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Animism. Thai names are usually derived from Sanskrit or Pali language and carry strong virtues in their meanings.

5. What are the laws or regulations regarding Thai baby names in Thailand?

Thai names are usually arranged in the order of a given name, followed by a family name in capital letters, for example, Parfun Vaiyasingha. Thai names follow a patrilineal system, and women will take on their husband's surnames after marriage. Middle names are usually non-existent in Thailand; people can change them often (3).


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