70 Thai Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Thailand, the land of vibrant culture and traditions, has a unique and meaningful approach to naming newborns. Thai boy names are carefully chosen to represent the child’s connections to the nobility, regional heritage, or religious significance of Thai culture. Over the years, there has been a shift from longer names to shorter ones, making it easier for modern parents and foreigners alike to pronounce and use these names effortlessly.

Moreover, a fascinating aspect of Thai boy names is that they often pay homage to historically significant male figures admired and respected in the Thai community. These individuals have left a lasting literary impact and are regarded as influential role models for the younger generations. For instance, names inspired by the renowned characters from the epic Thai poem 'Khun Chang Khun Phaen' (1) exemplify how Thai culture holds its artistic and cultural figures in high esteem.

Moreover, Thai names are often crafted by combining monosyllables that denote male gender or traits. For instance, the name Chatri signifies a warrior, or mighty man, while Danai translates to 'son.' Such names carry a profound meaning and evoke a sense of strength and pride within the child and their family.

The name selection process in Thai culture is a significant decision, as it's believed that the name can have astrological influences on the child's future. Thus, Thai parents often seek guidance from astrologers or scholars to ensure that the chosen name brings good luck and prosperity to their child's life.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a thoughtful process that involves honoring tradition while embracing the changing times. For parents seeking inspiration for their baby boy's name, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Thai baby boy names, each with meaning and significance. From names rooted in royal history to those embodying bravery, strength, and prosperity, this list aims to cater to diverse preferences and beliefs.

heart image Benz Baby Boy Sign Boy The blessed one
heart image David Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Earth Baby Boy Sign Boy Planet or the soil
heart image Fern Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Green, shade loving plant
heart image Gan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The bold one
heart image Ice Baby Boy Sign Boy Frozen water or liquid
heart image Sirichai Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious victory; Man
heart image Tanawat Baby Boy Sign Boy Knowledge
heart image A-wut Baby Boy Sign Boy Weapon
heart image Aat Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is daring
heart image Ananada Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is prosperous
heart image Anuman Baby Boy Sign Boy Small patience
heart image Anurak Baby Boy Sign Boy The male angel in Thai mythology.
heart image Aroon Baby Boy Sign Boy Mythical charioteer of the sun; Dawn
heart image Asnee Baby Boy Sign Boy Lightning
heart image Atid Baby Boy Sign Boy The sun
heart image Boon-Mee Baby Boy Sign Boy Lucky; A lucky and fortunate boy
heart image Boon-Nam Baby Boy Sign Boy One born with a good fortune
heart image Chai Baby Boy Sign Boy A lively person who is filled with joy
heart image Chai Son Baby Boy Sign Boy A mischievous boy
heart image Chaisai Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory
heart image Chaiya Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory
heart image Chakan Baby Boy Sign Boy An able bodied person
heart image Chalerm Baby Boy Sign Boy Celebrated
heart image Chalermchai Baby Boy Sign Boy A celebrated victory
heart image Chaloem Baby Boy Sign Boy The apex
heart image Channarong Baby Boy Sign Boy An experienced warrior
heart image Chuanchen Baby Boy Sign Boy Persuasion
heart image Daw Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright and beautiful stars
heart image Decha Baby Boy Sign Boy Power; A powerful person
heart image Kamnan Baby Boy Sign Boy The head of the village
heart image Kasem Baby Boy Sign Boy The feeling of pure happiness
heart image Kasemchai Baby Boy Sign Boy A victorious celebration
heart image Khemkhaeng Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong and powerful man
heart image Kiet Baby Boy Sign Boy Honorable
heart image Kittibun Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous fortune
heart image Kittichat Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous clan or belonging to a famous clan
heart image Kla Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave and bold man
heart image Klaew Kla Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is brave and daring
heart image Kob Sook Baby Boy Sign Boy A man with his heart full of happiness
heart image Koh Unisex Baby Sign Unisex High; Lofty
heart image Kovit Baby Boy Sign Boy Kovit means He who is an Expert
heart image Kraisee Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion, as brave as a lion.
heart image Kriang Krai Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is well versed in victory.
heart image Lamon Baby Boy Sign Boy Gentle
heart image Lek Baby Boy Sign Boy A small person
heart image Makok Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A place name; One who is from the town Makok in Thailand
heart image Mee Noi Baby Boy Sign Boy Little bear
heart image Mongkut Baby Boy Sign Boy Crown
heart image Narong Baby Boy Sign Boy War mongering; Ready for war
heart image Nattapong Baby Boy Sign Boy An unknown name
heart image Nicha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Natural; Simple
heart image Niran Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is everlasting and never ending
heart image Paitoon Baby Boy Sign Boy A beautiful gemstone found in Thailand.
heart image Phassakorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Sun
heart image Phee Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mysterious; Enigmatic
heart image Phichit Baby Boy Sign Boy To win; One who is habituated to win
heart image Pravat Baby Boy Sign Boy A historic person
heart image Preed Baby Boy Sign Boy A joyful individual
heart image Ritthirong Baby Boy Sign Boy Good in fighting
heart image Sakda Baby Boy Sign Boy Power; A powerful person
heart image Sarawut Baby Boy Sign Boy An unknown name
heart image Siam Baby Boy Sign Boy Thailand, ancient kingdom
heart image Somchair Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is macho and manly
heart image Songkarn Baby Boy Sign Boy One born at the Thai New Year's festival
heart image Sud Baby Boy Sign Boy Tiger
heart image Sunisa Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful sunrise, radiant joy
heart image Thai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Free; Brave; Bold
heart image Thia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Divine and goddess-like
heart image Wihan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Holy place; Sanctuary

This compilation of Thai baby boy names offers culturally rich choices for parents seeking unique and significant names for their little ones. From the strong and timeless 'Atid,' meaning 'sun,' to the harmonious 'Chaisai,' signifying 'victory' or ‘success,’ these names encompass the essence of Thai heritage and values. Embark on this wonderful adventure and give your baby boy a name that celebrates the beauty and significance of Thai culture.

Infographic: Beautiful Thai Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Uncover the beauty of Thai baby boy names, woven with history and culture. Each name carries potent symbols and virtues, drawing inspiration from nature's grace and wisdom. Discover a few of these meaningful Thai names in our eye-catching infographic, each brimming with unique significance and undeniable charm. Immerse yourself in the richness of Thai heritage and find a name that speaks to your heart.

thai baby boy names with endearing significance (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Thai name mean King?

The Thai name ‘Wichai' means 'victory.' It signifies someone who has triumphed, so that it could be taken as a name related to the word ‘king.’

2. What Thai name means victory?

The Thai name that means 'victory' is 'Chai.' It signifies triumph, success, and overcoming challenges.

3. What Thai name means gold?

Thong, meaning gold, is a popular Thai nickname. It signifies wealth, prosperity, and preciousness associated with gold.

4. What name means power in Thai?

The Thai name 'Sakda' means 'power' or 'authority.' It represents someone who possesses strength, influence, or commanding qualities. The name 'Sakda' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Sakda' or 'Sakthi,' which also conveys the idea of power or strength.

5. Do Thai people have Indian names?

Thai culture has a long history of influence from India and has names originating in Indian languages, particularly Sanskrit. Sanskrit-derived names are often used in Thailand, particularly for royal names, given their association with nobility and tradition.

6. What Thai name mean prince?

The Thai name that means 'prince' is 'Chao.' In Thai culture, it is often used as a title for a prince or a person of high social status. However, it can also be used as a given name, symbolizing a connection to nobility or royalty.

7. What Thai name mean lion?

The name Kraisee means lion in the Thai language.


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