62 Thai Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Thai baby names reflect the nobility, region, or the religion to which the baby belongs. With the modernization, parents are adopting shorter names, unlike long names in the previous era. Also, Thai names have modified in a way that it can be pronounced and written in both Thai and English and is easy for foreigners to use the names easily.

Thai boys are named based on leading male characters of the community who had lasting literary value. For example, Chakkri (an actor from KhunChang KhunPhaen). Also, Thai names were based by combining monosyllables that indicated male sex. For instance, Chatri meant, a mighty man and Danai meant son.

Thai baby boy names are meaningful and have an astrological influence too. Find out from the list that we have below, which name would you keep for your baby boy.

BenzThe blessed oneBoy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
EarthAdaptation of the English word, meaning the planet or the soilBoy
FernA green, shade loving plant. A fern.Unisex
GanThe bold one.Unisex
IceAdaptation of the English word, meaning frozen water/liquidBoy
SirichaiGlorious victory or manBoy
AatSomeone who is daringBoy
AnanadaOne who is prosperous, prosperousBoy
AnumanSmall patienceBoy
AnurakAnurak is the male angel in Thai mythology.Boy
AroonMythical Charioteer of the Sun; DawnBoy
AtidThe sunBoy
Boon-MeeLucky, a lucky and fortunate boy.Boy
Boon-NamOne born with a good fortune.Boy
ChaiA lively person who is filled with joyBoy
Chai SonA mischievous boyBoy
ChakanAn able bodied person.Boy
ChalermchaiA celebrated victoryBoy
ChaloemThe apexBoy
ChannarongAn experienced warriorBoy
DawBright and beautiful starsUnisex
DechaPower, a powerful personBoy
KamnanThe head of the village.Boy
KasemThe feeling of pure happinessBoy
KasemchaiA victorious celebrationBoy
KhemkhaengA strong and powerful man.Boy
KietKiet means HonorableBoy
KittibunFamous fortuneBoy
KittichatFamous clan or belonging to a famous clan.Boy
KlaA brave and bold man.Boy
Klaew KlaOne who is brave and daringBoy
Kob SookA man with his heart full of happiness.Boy
KovitKovit means He who is an ExpertBoy
KraiseeLion, as brave as a lion.Boy
Kriang KraiA man who is well versed in victory.Boy
LekA small personBoy
MakokA place name, one who is from the town Makok in ThailandUnisex
Mee NoiIt means little bear in Thai language.Boy
NarongOne who always creates war or is ready for war.Boy
NiranThe one who is everlasting and never ending.Boy
PaitoonA beautiful gemstone found in Thailand.Boy
PhichitTo win, one who is habituated to winning.Boy
PravatA historic personBoy
PreedA joyful individualBoy
RitthirongGood in fightingBoy
SakdaPower, a powerful personBoy
SomchairOne who is macho and manlyBoy
SongkarnOne born at the Thai New Year's festivalBoy
SudTiger in Thai languageBoy
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