70 Thai Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Thailand follows the ancient tradition of naming their babies with a strong meaning. This post on Thai girl names provides you with a wonderful selection of options if you're looking for a distinctive and culturally significant name for your baby girl.

Most Thai babies have two names: a formal name, and a nickname that will serve as a common appellation. However, children are not generally given their formal names immediately after birth. They are usually given a nickname at first before choosing their legal name. The chosen nickname may represents the child’s appearance or events around their birth and is used to address the child in their daily life (1). When deciding on the most fortunate and ideal legal name for their child, parents seek advice from a monk, fortune teller, or other renowned members of the society. In Thai culture, the family name is something that one inherits from the paternal family (1).

The names of girls in Thai culture often have stories, customs, and meanings attached to them that have been passed down through the years. These names carry a sense of profound significance and are usually derived from the nature or physical attributes that a parent might want their child to possess. Beam, which means a ray of light, Nan, an elegant and graceful girl, and Khun Mae, meaning the honorable mother, are a few examples of names, among others, that Thai parents choose for their daughters.

People of this culture also believe in naming their babies after a famous personality as it might give the baby the qualities of leadership, creativity, charisma, empathy, or whatever it could be.

The options of Thai names for girls are numerous and endearing. Whether you're searching for a name that evokes the beauty of Thai landscapes, the elegance of their traditions, or just grabs your heart, this list covers most of these genres. Every name has a tale to tell, a history to uphold, and a future to welcome. Keep reading to explore more.

heart image Aom Baby Girl Sign Girl To encircle; To embrace
heart image Beam Baby Girl Sign Girl Ray of light
heart image Fern Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Green, shade loving plant
heart image Gan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The bold one
heart image Jane Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Kanokwan Baby Girl Sign Girl Kanok means gold, Wan means sweet
heart image May Baby Girl Sign Girl The fifth month
heart image Mild Baby Girl Sign Girl Kind; Soft-spoken; Tolerant; Mild-tempered; Patient
heart image Nan Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; Elegance; Poise; Balanced
heart image Natcha Baby Girl Sign Girl Intelligent
heart image Ploy Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious stone or gem
heart image Achara Baby Girl Sign Girl An angel who is very pretty or beautiful
heart image Anong Baby Girl Sign Girl A gorgeous woman
heart image Boonsri Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Busarakham Baby Girl Sign Girl Yellow sapphire
heart image Davika Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Cherished
heart image Daw Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright and beautiful stars
heart image Duangkamol Baby Girl Sign Girl Right from the heart
heart image Duanphen Baby Girl Sign Girl Full moon
heart image Hom Baby Girl Sign Girl The sweet smell
heart image Kannika Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful flower
heart image Kanok Baby Girl Sign Girl Design or pattern
heart image Karawek Baby Girl Sign Girl A bird found in Thailand; Bird
heart image Karnchana Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful and lovely girl
heart image Khun Mae Baby Girl Sign Girl The honorable mother
heart image Koh Unisex Baby Sign Unisex High; Lofty
heart image Kohsoom Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus in Thai language
heart image Kulap Baby Girl Sign Girl The flower rose.
heart image Kwang Baby Girl Sign Girl Deer
heart image Lalisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful; Talented
heart image Lamai Baby Girl Sign Girl One of soft skin and nature; A caring person
heart image Lawan Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Lawana Baby Girl Sign Girl A graceful and beautiful individual
heart image Madee Baby Girl Sign Girl A good beginning
heart image Makok Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A place name; One who is from the town Makok in Thailand
heart image Malai Baby Girl Sign Girl A garland of flowers in Thai
heart image Malee Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower; A flower in Thailand
heart image Malivalaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Climbing jasmine
heart image Mayuree Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Nicha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Natural; Simple
heart image Nin Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire
heart image Pakpao Baby Girl Sign Girl The fighter kite
heart image Pensri Baby Girl Sign Girl The beauty of the moon
heart image Phaelyn Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire; A variant of Phailin
heart image Phaibun Baby Girl Sign Girl To prosper and flourish
heart image Phailin Baby Girl Sign Girl Sapphire; A variant of Phaelyn
heart image Phairoh Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasant sounding
heart image Phawta Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasing to the eye
heart image Phee Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mysterious; Enigmatic
heart image Phitsamai Baby Girl Sign Girl An adorable woman
heart image Phueng Baby Girl Sign Girl Bee
heart image Pimchan Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful as the moon
heart image Prija Baby Girl Sign Girl Intelligence; An intelligent and smart woman
heart image Ratanaporn Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal blessing
heart image Rochana Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet words; One who is very sweet with the words
heart image Saengdao Baby Girl Sign Girl Starlight
heart image Samorn Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is beautiful and beloved
heart image Sanoh Baby Girl Sign Girl Something that sounds pleasant
heart image Sanouk Baby Girl Sign Girl An enjoyable festival
heart image Sirikit Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with the qualities of a Queen
heart image Siriporn Baby Girl Sign Girl Glory; Splendour; Blessing
heart image Sopa Baby Girl Sign Girl An incredibly pretty girl
heart image Suda Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is a daughter
heart image Sunstra Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with beautiful eyes
heart image Tansanee Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful view
heart image Tasanee Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful view
heart image Thai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Free; Brave; Bold
heart image Thia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Divine and goddess-like
heart image Tida Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter
heart image Wihan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Holy place; Sanctuary

We hope that your exploration of the meanings and origins of each name as you near the conclusion of this list of Thai girl names has been both inspiring and enjoyable. By choosing a Thai-inspired name for your little one, you are connecting your family to the rich history of this culture. However, an important point to remember while choosing a name and blending it with your choice is to remain respectful towards the language and the beliefs of the particular culture.

Infographic: Sweet Thai Names To Consider For Your Daughter

Thai names are distinctive and symbolize sentiments of joy and delight. Many parents consider these names because of their uniqueness and their associations with the beautiful and verdant country of Thailand. We help you in your search for the right Thai name for your daughter with the following infographic containing the finest Thai baby girl names.

delicate and adorable thai baby girl names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cute Thai nicknames for a girl?

Thai nicknames are often inspired by the names of cute animals, such as Taay for rabbit, Maew for cat, Noo for mouse, Kwang for deer, and Kop for frog. Nicknames are also sometimes derived by combining two terms. For instance, Nong Pla is a nickname that combines Nong, a term used to refer to a younger sibling, with Pla, meaning fish.

2. What Thai name means dream?

Chintana is a charming name that means 'imagine' or 'dream' in Lao and Thai. Ratree is another Thai name that means 'night.'

3. How do Thai baby girl names differ from Thai baby boy names in terms of meanings?

Thai girl names differ from boy names in terms of what they signify. For instance, Thai girl baby names may be associated with meanings such as beauty, love, flowers, moon, and sweetness. In contrast, Thai boy baby names may be more oriented toward the meanings of power, strength, happiness, victory, and wisdom.

4. How are Thai baby girl names influenced by Buddhism or other religious traditions in Thailand?

Thai naming systems borrow names with symbolic associations from Buddhism and Sanskritic traditions. Their names focus on meanings that relate to prosperity, blessings, virtues, and Buddhist teachings. A few Thai girl names influenced by religious traditions include Pranee, which means 'living being' based on Sanskritic culture. Kulap is influenced by Persian culture and means 'rose,' whereas Lalita meaning 'charming,' is influenced by Hinduism.


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