62 Thai Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Thailand follows the ancient tradition of naming their babies with a strong meaning. The baby names reflect the nobility, religion, or the region to which the baby belongs. Most Thai babies have two names, one being a formal name, and the other is a nickname that will serve as a common appellation. The nickname will only represent the feature or the trait of a child.

Thai also believes in naming their babies after a famous personality as it might gift the baby with those qualities of leadership, creativity, charisma, empathy, or whatever it could be. Listed below is a curated collection of Thai names for baby girls.

AomTo encircle or to embraceGirl
BeamRay of lightGirl
FernA green, shade loving plant. A fern.Unisex
GanThe bold one.Unisex
JaneGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
KanokwanKanok means gold, Wan means sweetGirl
MayA girl who is like a hawtorn flowerGirl
MildKind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, PatientGirl
NanGrace, elegant, poise, balancedGirl
PloyPrecious stone or gemGirl
AcharaAn angel who is very pretty or beautifulGirl
AnongA gorgeous woman.Girl
BusarakhamYellow sapphireGirl
DawBright and beautiful starsUnisex
DuangkamolRight from the heart.Girl
DuanphenFull moonGirl
HomThe sweet smell.Girl
KannikaA beautiful flowerGirl
KanokDesign or patternGirl
KarawekA bird found in Thailand, birdGirl
KarnchanaA beautiful and lovely girl.Girl
Khun MaeThe honorable mother.Girl
KohsoomLotus in Thai language.Girl
KulapThe flower rose.Girl
KwangThai word for deer.Girl
LamaiOne of soft skin and nautre, a caring personGirl
LawanaA graceful and beautiful individualGirl
MadeeA good beginningGirl
MakokA place name, one who is from the town Makok in ThailandUnisex
MalaiA garland of flowers in ThaiGirl
MaleeFlower, a flower in Thailand.Girl
MalivalayaClimbing jasmineGirl
PakpaoThe fighter kiteGirl
PensriThe beauty of the moon.Girl
PhaelynThai - Sapphire; A variant of PhailinGirl
PhaibunTo prosper and flourishGirl
PhailinThai - Sapphire; A variant of PhaelynGirl
PhairohPleasant soundingGirl
PhawtaPleasing to the eyeGirl
PhitsamaiAn adorable woman.Girl
PimchanBeautiful as the moon.Girl
PrijaIntelligence, an intelligent and smart woman.Girl
RatanapornCrystal blessingGirl
RochanaSweet words, one who is very sweet with the words.Girl
SamornA woman who is beautiful and beloved.Girl
SanohSomething that's pleasant sounding.Girl
SanoukAn enjoyable festival.Girl
SirikitA woman with the qualities of a QueenGirl
SiripornOne who is gloriously blessedGirl
SopaAn incredibly pretty girl.Girl
SudaShe who is a daughterGirl
SunstraA woman with beautiful eyes.Girl
TansaneeBeautiful viewGirl
TasaneeA beautiful viewGirl
TidaA daughter, female childGirl
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