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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Thiago

Thiago has its origins in the name Jacob and its English version James. Thiago is the short form of Santiago, a Spanish word for Saint James, where ‘sant’ means saint and ‘yago’ is James, derived from Jacob. Consequently, the name Thiago can mean the same as Jacob, which is ‘supplanter.’ Saint James was the brother of the famous apostle John who was beheaded. There is another James in the New Testament who is the son of Alphaeus and a third one who is Jesus’ brother.

Various nicknames were associated with Saint James, such as Sant Yago, Sant Iago, Santo Iago, and Santo Yago, which eventually became Santiago. Saint James traveled to the Iberian Peninsula to spread the word of Christianity and was eventually buried in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

According to the Old Testament, Saint James the Great was one of the martyred apostles of Jesus. He was also known as the son of Zebedee, and he is the patron saint of Spain. He was also one of the first disciples to put his faith and courage and follow the teachings of Jesus. According to the scriptures in Synoptic Gospels,  Jesus called him and his brother John while standing beside the seashore with their father.

Thiago became the popular diminutive of Santiago along with Tiago, which is mainly common in Brazil. Some popular variants of Thiago are Diogo and Tiago. While it is known as Santiago in English, Santi (Basque), Didacus (Medieval Spain), and Diego in Italian.

In fiction, Captain Tiago is a fictional character from the novel ‘Noli Me Tángere’ by Jose Rizal. He is described as a wealthy businessman and the dad of Maria Clara from San Diego. He is described as a submissive man of low self esteem in constant search for social approvals from the elite.

Tiago Vega is the male protagonist of the TV series ‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.’ He is further described as a dynamic and energetic detective of the LAPD, who is the first Mexican-American to join the department as he struggles with other personal issues like trauma, racism and faith.


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A supplanter
Dominican Republic, Spanish
 T..  Ta..  Tau..  Tes..  Taa..  Tac..  Tad.. 

How To Pronounce Thiago?


Famous People With The Name Thiago

  • Thiago de Los ReyesBrazilian actor known for his role in the TV series Now Generation
  • Thiago AlvesRetired Brazilian mixed-martial artist who participated in the UFC
  • Thiago Soares AlvesBrazilian volleyball player and silver medallist at 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Thiago SilvaDecorated Brazilian soccer player of the Brazil National Team and Chelsea in club football
  • Thiago MonteiroBrazilian table tennis player who played in three Summer Olympic Games

Thiago On The Popularity Chart

After lying stagnant for decades, the name staged a comeback during the 2000s and has not looked back. Let us study its performance from the charts provided.

Popularity Over Time

According to the Social Security Administration, Thiago underwent a massive upheaval in the 2000s and registered an average of 2703 babies per million in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name has improved in recent years. Judging by the data, it has managed to improve its performances since 2007. It is currently on the 17685 place on the chart.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Thiago

There are many variations of Thiago and if you are looking for names that sound similar, here are some suggestions.

Names With Similar Meaning As Thiago

Thiago means supplanter and there are other names with the same meaning. Given below are some suggestions.

Name Numerology For Thiago

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