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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Thomas

The masculine name Thomas has deep Aramaic roots. According to popular belief, it is derived from the Hebrew word ‘ta’om,’ signifying a twin. This Hebrew term changed into the Aramaic ‘Taoma’ and finally reproduced as Θωμᾶς or Thomas in the New Testament Greek. The first letter of this name was originally the Greek’ theta,’ which is the reason behind the name’s common ‘Th’ spelling. In the New Testament, this is the name of an apostle.

Thomas has a lot of variations spanning across languages. It is Tomas and Tomaso in Spanish and Italian and Tomos in Welsh. Thomas is Tavish in Scottish and Toma in Serbian. The name is a popular first name and a widely used surname for males.

The name became popular in England because of a 12th-century archbishop of Canterbury and martyr, Saint Thomas Becket. Its growth can also be attributed to the most influential thinker of 13th-century Europe, Thomas Aquinas, who is considered a foundational figure of modern thought. The American president Thomas Jefferson and the notable inventor Thomas Edison are other prominent name bearers.

The name has found a special place in popular culture as well. Thomas Barrow is the under-butler in the hit historical drama series Downton Abbey. Thomas Burke is the main character in the thriller Final Destination 2. Thomas is also the titular blue cat from everyone’s favorite Tom and Jerry series. The name is certainly not going out of style anytime soon.

Thomas Jeffery Hanks better known as Tom Hanks and Thomas or Tom Cruise are two notable celebrities whose rise to fame popularized this name in America. In addition, American actor Thomas Jacob Black also known as Jack Black gave this name to his son.


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How To Pronounce Thomas?


Famous People With The Name Thomas

  • Thomas PaineAmerican revolutionary patriot known for writing Common Sense
  • Thomas Stears EliotAmerican British poet and Nobel Prize winner
  • Thomas HowellAmerican actor known for his role in Soul Man
  • Thomas CarlyleAmerican fashion designer and former creative director of Gucci
  • Thomas EarlAmerican singer songwriter known for his creative fingerstyle techniques
  • Thomas JosephAmerican actor known for his role in Dr. Jack Hodgins
  • Thomas ‘Tommy’ LeeAmerican drummer of the band Motley Crue
  • Thomas HenryEnglish golfer who won the Open Championship in 1934
  • Thomas P StaffordAmerican astronaut known for having flown to the Moon
  • Danny ThomasAmerican comedian known for running The Danny Thomas Show
  • Thomas Stanley HollandEnglish actor honored with the British Academy Film Award

Thomas On The Popularity Chart

This name’s popularity reached its peak in 1990. Look at this chart from the Social Security Administration to assess its popularity.

Popularity Over Time

The name has been declining in popularity since the 1990s. From 2010 onwards, the decline stopped and remained at around 7000 babies per million till 2017. This graph will help you analyze its frequency overtime.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Thomas has seen a drop in its rank from the 1980s. It touched its lowest rank in 2007, and since then it has been improving gradually.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Thomas

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