125 Tongan Baby Names With Meanings


There are plenty of good reasons to give a Tongan name to your little one. Choosing a name is a significant decision, and choosing Tongan baby names adds a touch of cultural richness to the process. Embracing your Tongan heritage by naming your child after a grandparent or a cousin can infuse your child's identity with depth and significance. Tongan names offer a distinctive choice if you're seeking a name that breaks away from the common trends and stands out in today's world.

Exploring Tongan names reveal an interesting naming tradition influenced by Tonga's Polynesian background. Tonga, a country with 169 islands, has a special method of naming that reflects its culture (1). The main idea of this naming tradition is to differentiate between girls' and boys' names. Girls usually get names from female family members, which helps establish lineage. Similarly, boys are named after male family members, which keeps their heritage and connections strong.

Tongan culture values being close as a community, respecting older people, and staying connected with family. This togetherness is not only reflected in their naming traditions but also shows up in finer art and crafts, like making tapa cloth and intricate wood carvings. These skills have been handed down through many generations and are impressive. Just like how names connect different generations, these awesome art skills connect today with the important history of the past.

Tongan names can be inspired by nature or circumstances surrounding the growth. Since most of the Tongan population is Mormon and Catholic, religion also plays a key role in naming children. These names carry a spiritual essence and help people feel a strong sense of who they are.

These names hold a special quality that mirrors the Kingdom's beautiful scenery, best known for its encircling blue-green waves and rich cultural history. To help you in your quest for the ideal name, we've put together a long list of Tongan names for both boys and girls. Each name carries a part of Tonga's heritage and spirit.

heart image Aasal Baby Boy Sign Boy Late afternoons or evenings
heart image Aberto Baby Boy Sign Boy Aberto is Tongan form of Albert and means noble
heart image Abich Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; A noble man
heart image Afah Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan word for hurricane
heart image Ailine Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright one; Shining one
heart image Aisi Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan word for ice
heart image Alefosio Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Alphonso; Eager for war
heart image Alifeleti Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf counsel
heart image Alipate Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble
heart image Alisi Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the noble kind
heart image Amanaki Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope
heart image Amelika Baby Girl Sign Girl Freedom
heart image Amipa Baby Girl Sign Girl Amber stone
heart image Ane Baby Girl Sign Girl God was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace
heart image Anitelu Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Andrew; Manly
heart image Anjelo Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Angelo; Angel
heart image Arshis Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessings
heart image Atamai Baby Boy Sign Boy Knowing all; An intellectual man
heart image Atonio Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Antony; Worthy of praise
heart image Avoca Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet valley
heart image Emeni Baby Girl Sign Girl Tonga word for Amen
heart image Eponi Baby Girl Sign Girl Ebony; Black
heart image Etuate Baby Boy Sign Boy Rich guard
heart image Falakiko Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Francis; Frenchman
heart image Fokisi Baby Boy Sign Boy Fox
heart image Hahau Baby Girl Sign Girl Dew
heart image Heneli Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Henry; Home ruler
heart image Hiva Baby Girl Sign Girl Song
heart image Huelo Baby Girl Sign Girl Ray of light
heart image Huhulu Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who glows
heart image Ikenasio Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Ignatius; Fiery one
heart image Ilisapesi Baby Girl Sign Girl The blessed one
heart image Isileli Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength
heart image Kaelo Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Kahoa Baby Girl Sign Girl Necklace
heart image Kailao Baby Boy Sign Boy War dance
heart image Kainga Baby Boy Sign Boy Relative in Tongan language
heart image Kaivai Baby Boy Sign Boy Mariner.
heart image Kaivao Baby Boy Sign Boy Wild
heart image Kakaea Baby Boy Sign Boy Tall
heart image Kalasia Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; A graceful woman
heart image Kalasiah Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace
heart image Kalauni Baby Girl Sign Girl Crown
heart image Kapo Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is self taught
heart image Kaukau Baby Boy Sign Boy A Tongan term meaning surfer
heart image Kelekolio Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Gregory; Watchful; Alert
heart image Kelemete Baby Boy Sign Boy A variation of Clement; Gentle
heart image Kiupita Baby Girl Sign Girl Cupid or love angel
heart image Koloa Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealth; A wealthy man
heart image Komaki Baby Boy Sign Boy Bay
heart image Konelio Baby Boy Sign Boy Horn; A form of Cornelius
heart image Laaka Baby Girl Sign Girl Carefree; Jark bird
heart image Laione Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion
heart image Lakepi Baby Boy Sign Boy A rugby player
heart image Lamani Baby Boy Sign Boy Lemon
heart image Langi Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven
heart image Lautoka Baby Girl Sign Girl Plains
heart image Laveni Baby Girl Sign Girl Lavender shrub
heart image Lavenita Baby Girl Sign Girl The lavender scent
heart image Lekeleka Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the moon
heart image Levenez Baby Boy Sign Boy Like a Raven
heart image Liliko Baby Girl Sign Girl Bird
heart image Loa Baby Girl Sign Girl Storm clouds
heart image Longo Baby Girl Sign Girl Quiet
heart image Lopini Baby Girl Sign Girl The robin bird
heart image Lose Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Lotu Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is admired
heart image Lovai Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is loved; Heavy rains
heart image Maau Baby Boy Sign Boy Poet
heart image Mafu Baby Boy Sign Boy Heart
heart image Malohi Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength; A strong man
heart image Mamani Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth
heart image Meliame Baby Girl Sign Girl Sea of bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for child; To swell
heart image Melino Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Musika Baby Girl Sign Girl Tongan word for music
heart image Oketa Baby Girl Sign Girl Tongan word for orchid
heart image Onike Baby Girl Sign Girl The onyx gem
heart image Opeli Baby Girl Sign Girl Opal gem
heart image Paame Baby Girl Sign Girl The palm tree
heart image Panisi Baby Girl Sign Girl The pansy flower
heart image Papahi Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is mischievously smart
heart image Pasilio Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Basil; Royal or kingly
heart image Pelenato Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Bernard; One who is brave, hardy, and strong
heart image Penetiketo Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Benedict; Blessed
heart image Ponavenitula Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Bonaventure; Lucky
heart image Ptolomeo Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Bartholomew; Son of Talmai
heart image Safaia Baby Girl Sign Girl The sapphire stone; The color blue
heart image Salato Baby Girl Sign Girl Tree
heart image Salesi Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongan form of Charles; Man
heart image Samena Baby Girl Sign Girl Secret
heart image Seini Baby Girl Sign Girl Yahweh is gracious; Yahweh is merciful
heart image Sela Baby Girl Sign Girl Short form of Selena; Rock; Moon
heart image Seletute Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong spear
heart image Semisi Baby Boy Sign Boy Supplanter
heart image Siale Baby Girl Sign Girl A flowering bush
heart image Siaosi Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer; A form of George
heart image Siete Baby Girl Sign Girl Jjet stone; The color black
heart image Sikota Baby Girl Sign Girl The kingfisher bird
heart image Sikueli Baby Girl Sign Girl Squirrel
heart image Silafi Baby Girl Sign Girl Giraffe
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Tongan baby names uniquely blend tradition, family connection, and cultural richness. By choosing a Tongan name for your child, you're embracing a distinct naming tradition, honoring your heritage, and carrying forward a legacy of Mother Nature’s beauty and artistic significance. These names hold a special place in Tonga's history and culture, making them a meaningful choice for any family.

Infographic: Lovely Tongan Baby Names

Tongan baby names hold special meanings rooted in Tonga's culture. From strong qualities, such as strength and royalty, to deep traits, such as spirituality, these names have a lot to offer. Our infographic guides you through these meaningful names, helping you pick the perfect one for your baby. Explore now and make a thoughtful choice for your little bundle of joy.

beautiful tongan names to consider for your baby (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any laws or regulations regarding Tongan baby names?

Tongan names usually follow the order of first names and then followed by surnames. Tongan surnames are patronymic and can indicate the region to which a person belongs. Certain names are reserved only for the royal family, and if a hereditary title is given, they will be referred to using that title. Unless certain crimes are committed, these titles are meant to be used for life (2).

2. How do Tongan parents choose a baby name for their child?

Tongan parents may choose a name for their little one based on any Biblical personalities or it can be a reference to nature, such as flowers. It can also be derived from their ancestors, monumental events, friends, or even prominent figures.

3. What are some unisex Tongan baby names?

There are several gender-neutral Tongan names. They include Atamahina meaning ‘rising of the moon,’ Fahina meaning ‘white hala fruit,’ or ‘white complexion,’ Fetuu meaning ‘star,’ Fieiloeua meaning ‘twilight light,’ or ‘dawn light,’ Koloa meaning ‘wealth,’ and Vaea meaning ‘king,’ ‘prince,’ or ‘chief.’


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