61 Tongan Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AtamaiKnowing all, an intellectual man.Boy
KaeloGift of GodBoy
KailaoWar danceBoy
KaivaiOccupational name, meaning mariner.Boy
MalohiStrength, a strong man.Boy
TokoniA helper, the one who always helps others.Boy
AasalLate afternoons or evenings.Boy
AbertoAberto is Tongan form of Albert and means noble.Boy
AbichNoble, a noble man.Boy
AfahTongan word for hurricane.Boy
AisiTongan word for ice.Boy
AlefosioAlefosio is the Tongan form of Alphonso and means 'eager for war'.Boy
AlifeletiAlifeleti is Tongan form of Alfred. It means elf counsel.Boy
AlipateAlipate is a form of Albert and means noble.Boy
AniteluAnitelu is the Tongan form of Andrew and means 'manly'.Boy
AnjeloAnjelo is Tongan form of Angelo and means angel.Boy
AtonioAtonio is Tongan variant of Antony, meaning worthy of praise.Boy
EtuateEtuate is a form of Edward. It means rich guard.Boy
FalakikoFalakiko is a form of Francis. It means Frenchman.Boy
FokisiTongan word for fox.Boy
HeneliHeneli is Tongan form of Henry. It means home ruler.Boy
IkenasioIkenasio is a form of Ignatius. It means fiery one.Boy
KaingaKainga means relative in Tongan language.Boy
KakaeaHe who is tallBoy
KapoHe who is self taughtBoy
KaukauA Tongan term, meaning surfer.Boy
KelekolioKelekolio is a form of Gregory. It means watchful, alert.Boy
KelemeteKelemete is a variation of Clement. It means gentle.Boy
KoloaWealth, a wealthy man.Boy
KonelioKonelio is a form of Cornelius. It means horn.Boy
LakepiA rugby playerBoy
LamaniTongan word for lemon.Boy
LevenezLike a RavenBoy
MamaniThe earthBoy
PasilioPasilio is a form of Basil and means royal or kingly.Boy
PelenatoPelenato is the variant of Bernard. It means one who is brave, hardy and strong.Boy
PenetiketoPenetiketo is the Tongan form of Benedict. It means blessed.Boy
PonavenitulaPonavenitula is Tongan form of Bonaventure. It means lucky.Boy
PtolomeoPtolomeo is Tongan form of Bartholomew. It means son of Talmai.Boy
SalesiSalesi is the Tongan form of Charles. It means man.Boy
SeletuteSeletute is a form of Gertrude. It means strong spear.Boy
SemisiSemisi is a form of James. It means supplanter.Boy
SiaosiSiaosi is a form of George. It means farmer.Boy
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