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Want your child’s name to be a fusion of two cultures? How about going for a Turkish name? Turkish names have European and Asian influences, quite like we see in the culture and architecture of the country.

Every Turkish child is given one or in some cases, two first names. Most of the names are gender specific, but if parents want, they can select a unisex name as well. The first names are often derived from Turkish words that hold specific meanings. With the introduction of Surname Law in 1934, all the citizens of Turkey were required to adopt an official surname. Married women can carry both their maiden and their spouse’s surname.

In earlier times, most Turkish names were patronymics, which means that the baby was given the first name or forename of the father. Turkish people used the Arabic words, ‘bin’, which means ‘son of’ or ‘bint’, which means ‘daughter of’ with the given names. For instance, if a child was named Ahmed and his father’s name was Mohammed, he would have been called Ahmed bin Mohammed.

Browse through MomJunction's collection of Turkish baby names with meanings. In order to make your search a bit simpler, we’ve classified the name according to the gender.

AhmetAhmet are the principal transliterations of an Arabic given name, AhmedBoy
AyazCool night breeze; a royal breezeBoy
AzraThe one who is a virginGirl
DefneA laurel tree; tall and majesticGirl
EcrinReward, Gift of GodGirl
ElifOne with a slender body; originalGirl
EymenMore fortunate, Lucky, Auspicious, BlessedBoy
HiranurLight of the diamondGirl
MehmetPraiseworthy rulerBoy
MirayGlowing like a moonGirl
MuhammedPraised, Praiseworthy, CommendableBoy
MustafaMustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.Boy
OmerTalker, successful, long-term, growing, bloomingBoy
YusufGod increases in piety, power and influenceBoy
ZehraBright, luminousGirl
ZeynepPrecious rock, Precious gem, A father's precious gemGirl
AaghaThe word means Someone in control over something, Lord, chiefBoy
AaghaaThe name aaghaa means Someone in control over something, Lord, chiefBoy
AbayBeing talentedBoy
Abi(Hebrew) Father, (Turkish) Elder Brother, French (Priest)Boy
AdalarThe island or the red islandBoy
AdleeIn Biblical it means One who is judged by God. In Turkic it means just or fairBoy
AergulThe bunch of blooming rosesGirl
AfetTurkish - A woman of bewitching beauty; Attractive; LovableGirl
AfridiThe name of one of the tribes or clans.Boy
AfshinName of an Iranian General; derived name from princely title of rulers of OsrusanaBoy
AghaA noble person who is honoured for his effieciency, intelligence and great positive leadership qualities.Boy
AginThe meaning behind the name is not so appropriate to name someone as it means an illegitimate child or a name given to the lowest ranks of nobles.Boy
AhuBright and beautifulGirl
AimalDesire, wishBoy
AiylaMoonlight or moon halo, A beautiful girl who is strong a fighter and is so easy to fall in love with.Girl
AjdinHe who is bright, happy and lucky.Boy
AjnurMoonlight, glow of the oon.Boy
AkaraChief deity. One who love change and challenges, but take too many risksUnisex
AkasmaWhite climbing roseGirl
AkayNear a full moon or illuminating light of full moon, full moon.Unisex
AlaraAltaic - Mythological Aquatic Fairy; One who makes things beautiful; Water FairyGirl
AlevTurkish - Flame; Brightness; LightGirl
AlibekA combination of Ali and the Turkish title Bek meaning ruler, chief or lordBoy
AlpA brave hero known for his valour and sacrifice is a demanding name to take.Boy
AltanMongolian - Golden; Turkic - Red Dawn; A variant of name AltinBoy
AnarbekPomegranate masterBoy
ArystanbekThe name is derived from Kazakh word arystan, which means lion and Turkish title beg, which means master or chiefBoy
AsenName of a Bulgarian king.Boy
AskerTurkish word for soldierBoy
AslanTurkish word for lion; in old fashioned personBoy
AsliSomeone who is genuine and realGirl
AsumanTurkish - Sky; Hindi - Lord of Vital BreathsBoy
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