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Want your child’s name to be a fusion of two cultures? How about going for a Turkish name? Turkish names have European and Asian influences, quite like we see in the culture and architecture of the country.

Every Turkish child is given one or in some cases, two first names. Most of the names are gender specific, but if parents want, they can select a unisex name as well. The first names are often derived from Turkish words that hold specific meanings. With the introduction of Surname Law in 1934, all the citizens of Turkey were required to adopt an official surname. Married women can carry both their maiden and their spouse’s surname.

In earlier times, most Turkish names were patronymics, which means that the baby was given the first name or forename of the father. Turkish people used the Arabic words, ‘bin’, which means ‘son of’ or ‘bint’, which means ‘daughter of’ with the given names. For instance, if a child was named Ahmed and his father’s name was Mohammed, he would have been called Ahmed bin Mohammed.

Browse through MomJunction's collection of Turkish baby names with meanings. In order to make your search a bit simpler, we’ve classified the name according to the gender.

Emirione who tries to excel or a royal person.Girl
Emmada leader.Boy
Emrea friend who is loving or an older brother.Boy
Emreethis name means an older brother or a loving friend.Boy
Emryan older brother or a loving friend is signified by this name.Boy
Enayatgrace, kindness or blessing.Boy
Encarnathis name means someone who is blessed or kind.Boy
Enderin Turkish language it means scarce.Boy
Enfledathe mother of a great saint.Girl
Ensarit means helpers.Boy
Enverit means bright.Boy
Erena Turkish word meaning saint.Boy
Erginripe, matured or seasoned.Boy
Erolit means brave.Boy
Esanaa feminized word meaning to safeguard.Girl
EshaqProphet's name.Boy
Esmaeelit is one of the prophets mentioned in Quran.Boy
Esmaila name used for prophets mentioned in Quranic verses.Boy
Esmeraya dark moon.Girl
Esrait means more or quick.Girl
Etemadreliance or trust or confidence in another person.Boy
EymenMore fortunate, Lucky, Auspicious, BlessedBoy
FerayThe Moon's radianceGirl
FilizTo spring up and developGirl
FundaThe general condition of body and mind.Girl
GalipWinner or overcomer.Boy
GamzeA dimple on a person's faceGirl
GayePrecious ornament which reflects yellow or gold in color.Girl
GulizarGulizar means the girl with cheaks which are soft and pink like rose.Girl
GyulaHungarian royal titleBoy
HakanEmperor, ruler, Fire (USA), High-born(Scandinavian)Boy
HalilTurkish - Intimate friend; Arabic - Bosom FriendBoy
HalimeGentle, MildGirl
HamitArabic counterpart HamidBoy
HandeTurkish- A woman with a infectious smileGirl
HasadTurkish - Harvest; Reaping; A variant name is HassadBoy
HidirA turkish and arabic Boy nameBoy
HiranurLight of the diamondGirl
HosmuntClever PersonBoy
JaleA dewGirl
Joozherthey are noble and maintain their dignity level. They are natural, nice and jolly in nature. They forgive easily.Girl
Jorawarthey have charm, life, upstanding personality. They are best for themselves and often seek guidance to make themselves perfect.Girl
Juandalynnthey are noble and maintain their dignity level. They are natural, nice and jolly in nature. They forgive easily.Girl
Jubailathey have charm, life, upstanding personality. They are best for themselves and often seek guidance to make themselves perfect.Girl
KaanKing of kings or ruler.Boy
KaderThe name Kader means Fate,DestinyGirl
KadriKadri means PureGirl
KahramanKahraman means HeroBoy
KarawanKarawan is an expression used to avert the Evil EyeBoy
KiralKiral means Supreme LeaderUnisex
LalamAs beutiful as tulip flowerGirl
LatafatTurkish - Elegance; A variant spelling is LataphatBoy
LatifahTurkish - Elegance; A variant spelling is LateefahBoy
LunaraKazakh short form of Gulnara It means flower, rose and pomegranateGirl
MartA Boy born during the month of MarchBoy
MehmetPraiseworthy rulerBoy
MelikeThe female sovereign ruler, the wife of the king.Girl
MeltemGentle wind blows in the warmest season of the year.Girl
MertMert comes from the Persian word mard and means manly or man.Boy
MesichTurkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.Boy
MesutEnjoying or markerd by joy or pleasureBoy
MetinHaving or wielding force or authorityBoy
MirayGlowing like a moonGirl
MuhammedPraised, Praiseworthy, CommendableBoy
MuratWish come trueBoy
MustafaMustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.Boy
NazikA slender or a delicate personGirl
NeclaFemale child, competition, cohort.Girl
NevalThe new city or original place.Boy
NeylanThe person who accomplished the desires.Girl
NijazWish, need, or wantBoy
NiroopA bright shining appearanceBoy
NouisA bright shining appearanceBoy
NurayPossessing the brightness as the Moon.Girl
NurgulRadiant roseGirl
OguzMeans most valuable, priceless, treasurable personBoy
OkanA person of a noble form. Or have decent and noble looks.Boy
OlcayChampion, conqueror, leader, victor.Unisex
OmerTalker, successful, long-term, growing, bloomingBoy
OnurRighteousness or decency or integrity or moralityBoy
OrhanMeek in spirit or manner.Boy
OsmanekOne with an expressive and vibrant nature; chiefBoy
OsmenOne who is born to show the right pathBoy
OtarPasture, meadowBoy
OzanA bard; a story teller and a composerBoy
OzgeA unique and different individualUnisex
PembeA pinkish person; beautiful oneGirl
PinarA fountain or a spring of waterGirl
RahshedaTurkish name meaning uprightGirl
ReyhanA plant name, a basilGirl
RezanA clear and birght womanGirl
RifaatOne who has a high status, rankBoy
RoshanBrightness of the lightUnisex
RoxelanaOne who comes from the Rutheria region. Also a name of HuremGirl
SafetBest part or pureBoy
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