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Want your child’s name to be a fusion of two cultures? How about going for a Turkish name? Turkish names have European and Asian influences, quite like we see in the culture and architecture of the country.

Every Turkish child is given one or in some cases, two first names. Most of the names are gender specific, but if parents want, they can select a unisex name as well. The first names are often derived from Turkish words that hold specific meanings. With the introduction of Surname Law in 1934, all the citizens of Turkey were required to adopt an official surname. Married women can carry both their maiden and their spouse’s surname.

In earlier times, most Turkish names were patronymics, which means that the baby was given the first name or forename of the father. Turkish people used the Arabic words, ‘bin’, which means ‘son of’ or ‘bint’, which means ‘daughter of’ with the given names. For instance, if a child was named Ahmed and his father’s name was Mohammed, he would have been called Ahmed bin Mohammed.

Browse through MomJunction's collection of Turkish baby names with meanings. In order to make your search a bit simpler, we’ve classified the name according to the gender.

SafiyeA genuine personGirl
SevincJoy, delightGirl
SevketTurkish form of Shawkat, meaning power and dignityBoy
ShahinazA beloved, beutiful girlGirl
ShakiratAn appreciative personUnisex
SibelA Turkish name meaning a Prophetess or an OracleGirl
SibeliA variation of Sibel, means a ProphetessGirl
SilaahTo be reunitedGirl
SonerHe who is the last manBoy
SonglThe last roseGirl
SuleymanHe who is man of peceBoy
SumeyyeShe who is high above othersGirl
TabibDoctor, someone who cures the sickBoy
TamrazA strong dog.Boy
TanjuHe who is blessed by AllahBoy
TansuWater of the dawnUnisex
TarkanHe who is bold and strongBoy
TengizSea, oceanBoy
ToulinA circular band of light around moonGirl
TruongRefers to college or meadow.Boy
TubbaPure and diligent human being; a tree from heavenGirl
TuncayRefers to a moon which made by bronze or moon reflects in bronze color.Boy
UlugbekGreat chieftainBoy
YusefA form of Joseph. It means God will increase.Boy
YusufGod increases in piety, power and influenceBoy
ZehraBright, luminousGirl
ZekiOne who is clever and intelligent.Boy
ZelPrivate or special.Girl
ZeynepPrecious rock, Precious gem, A father's precious gemGirl
ZhumabekMinister in charge on FridaysBoy
ZlemLonging, yearningGirl
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