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68 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Ma

Maardava A gentle, tender feeling Unisex
Maayan Fresh as a spring of water Unisex
Macca Common nickname in English speaking countries for someone whose surname begins with Mac or Mc meaning son of Unisex
Machie Replacement of a lost gem. Unisex
Madalitso A blessed person Unisex
Madden Puppies, small dogs Unisex
Madhat A word, a poem of preise Unisex
Madhava One born in the spring seasson Unisex
Madhu Honey-sweet person Unisex
Madhupuspa A horizon Unisex
Madigan A dog, mastiff Unisex
Madrid A place name, Madrid in Spain Unisex
Maduenu A term meaning The impermanence of life. Unisex
Maduenu A term meaning The impermanence of life. Unisex
Magadha A historical kingdom Magadha Unisex
Magaska One who is like a White Swan Unisex
Maggot The larva of the fly Unisex
Magic A supernatural power, an illusion Unisex
Mahajan People worthy of respect, an Indian title Unisex
Mahalath A person whose singing is like the sound of the harp Unisex
Mahaskah A white cloud Unisex
Mahlah A weak or sickly person Unisex
Mahogony A type of a wood, a Mahogony tree Unisex
Mahuizoh A glorious person Unisex
Maine French word for mainland Unisex
Majal One who has opportunities Unisex
Majd A glorious person Unisex
Makaio One who was a God's gift Unisex
Makareta Makareta is the Maori form of Margareta. It means pearl. Unisex
Makena The one who is constantly in a happy mood Unisex
Maki Finnish meaning is Hill, while in Japanese Maki means True Unisex
Makok A place name, one who is from the town Makok in Thailand Unisex
Makoto A sincere person Unisex
Mames One who is sweet or kind. Unisex
Mamgain An idian surname Unisex
Mana One who is full of spirit Unisex
Manajit One who controls the mind Unisex
Manasarovar A place name of the Lake Manasarovar Unisex
Manasi A person whose mind is sound Unisex
Manasie A person who alwazs listens to the voice of its heart Unisex
Manat One who believes in fate Unisex
Manavdeep The lamp of the mind Unisex
Manila A place name, from the Philippenese town Manila Unisex
Manipura A city of jewels. Also a name of the third primary Chakra Unisex
Manjit A person who controls the mind Unisex
Manpreet One who is pretty on the eyes Unisex
Manvi One with best qualities Unisex
Manzi Occupational name for one who raised steers. Mostly used as a surname Unisex
Maovesa One who is like a wild horse Unisex
Mapperley A place name of an area in Nottingham, England Unisex
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