274 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter A

Ajiranot slow, which means quick, rapid. Ajira was another name for Durga.Unisex
AkaraChief deity. One who love change and challenges, but take too many risksUnisex
AkasaOpen air, SpaceUnisex
AkashdveepLight in the sky; Sky Light. Also, means a wend, born of fire, wonderer or a light candleUnisex
AkayNear a full moon or illuminating light of full moon, full moon.Unisex
AkeylaHonest, responsible, morally upright, moral, trustworthyUnisex
AkhandaNonstop; without part; whole or indestructibleUnisex
AkhilarkaAll pervading Radiance and Brilliance sunUnisex
Akiara (アキアラ)A bright personUnisex
AkiliWisdom, Intellect, senseUnisex
Akito (アキト)Bright person; who is like autumn seasonUnisex
AkivaGrasp by heelUnisex
AkpenvwoghenePraise GodUnisex
AkpobomeMy own lifeUnisex
AkporovwovwoGood life in later yearsUnisex
AksamataUnbroken or unhuskedUnisex
AksaryA place name, a town of Aksaray, now found in TurkeyUnisex
ÃkulukSweet little oneUnisex
AkuparaFree, Unbounded, The OceanUnisex
AlaDefending men, Excellence, Fragrance, esteemUnisex
AlagumaniHandsome Gem,Beautiful GemUnisex
AlairCheerful, MerryUnisex
AlansariThe supporters, the one who supportsUnisex
AlaryOne who rules the ElvesUnisex
AlaskaGreat land; object towards which sea is directedUnisex
AlbaqaOne who comes from the open valleyUnisex
AlbieMy heart, noble and famous; bright and brilliant beingUnisex
AlopaA challenging name depicting Impeccable being propagating fresh challenges and purposesUnisex
AlphaAn excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualitiesUnisex
AlphegeA high Elf having intellectual and spiritual superiority over othersUnisex
AlphieA noble elf counsel full of promptness and enthusiasm spreading peaceUnisex
AlredName of an Italian saint; a counsel and a strong willed person renowned in battlefieldUnisex
AltaA exalted and elevated majestic grace of Mary, the mother of JesusUnisex
AlthafElegant and graceful often restless but good in communication, socialization and optimistic attitude towards life.Unisex
AlukaAn ebony person who is inventive, restless, determined and individualityUnisex
AlulaEmbodied with celestial wisdom they are dainty like feather are the first born and full of rushnessUnisex
AlvaAn exalted white old friend who have supremacy of an supernatural beingUnisex
AlvahThe fair one who has an inspiring awe like a Royal Highness, in biblical context it means immoralUnisex
AlverdaA unique name gifted with compassion, resourcefulness, passion, eccentric and altruistic qualitiesUnisex
AlvevaMaster of authentic, compassionate, influential and dramatic personality, they influence the massesUnisex
Alvia"Noble war"; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts peopleUnisex
AlvineThey prove to be a wise companion, sentimental and inclined towards the business of educationUnisex
AlvonInsult in Hebrew; an elf who is a defender of mankind attracted to the mysteries of natureUnisex
AlwyneFeminine form of Alvin meaning a magical friend filled with practicality and determinationUnisex
AlyanThe one accomplishing impossible dream and have high status, sublime and lofty personalityUnisex
AlykhanA lovely spirit from heaven who is extremely handsome and greatUnisex
AlyoshaA noble defender of mankind, they are eccentric and honourable having split personalityUnisex
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