269 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter A

AnukulikaA divine messenger who is naughty and amiableUnisex
AnupaA pond; they are of a kindUnisex
AnupjeetA powerful girl who is loved by allUnisex
AnuranjitaStarry night; delighted and happyUnisex
AnurathaThe one who is self-disciplined oneUnisex
AnusaA handsome boy who is a visionaryUnisex
AnzarA heart made of pure goldUnisex
Aoi (あおい)Holly flowerUnisex
AokiAn evergreen blue treeUnisex
ApolloniaThe one who destroysUnisex
AputInuit word for snow.Unisex
AputsiaqAn exquisite snowflakeUnisex
AquariusThe one who bears waterUnisex
AraTo see; idealistic and cursing; KingUnisex
AradhayaA holy saintUnisex
AraeA royal kingUnisex
ArafahA mountain near MeccaUnisex
ArajA pure and fragrant individualUnisex
ArazName of a riverUnisex
ArbanA fluent manUnisex
ArbeeAn emotional personUnisex
ArdoThe one who judges othersUnisex
AreezA hard working leaderUnisex
ArfaaA sublime and superb individualUnisex
ArichSturdy and powerful leaderUnisex
ArieaA sweet and melodious song; came from airUnisex
ArjanaHeaven or paradise; one with magical and manlike featuresUnisex
ArketahNo liver; one who can produce equilibriumUnisex
ArlynnOne who has lot of aspirations; pledgeUnisex
AroojJuniper treeUnisex
ArraStrong and powerfulUnisex
ArriamOne who has a restless and artistic bentUnisex
ArshaPersian - Man; Hindi - Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the RishisUnisex
ArulaBrilliant, full of graceUnisex
AschtonA tree settlement; East townUnisex
AshleayThe one who loves their neighbor; a meadowUnisex
AshwanySon of Sun; complete and pure beingUnisex
AsitangaOne who has expressive and optimistic beingUnisex
AskaryaA gracious God; balance of natureUnisex
AsviniA swift person with great wealthUnisex
AtahladteNative American for feather on the headUnisex
AtavikaA receptive and passive oneUnisex
AtawhaiA person who is kind and caring.Unisex
AtiqtalaaqAtiqtalaaq means Polar bear cub in Inuit language.Unisex
AuberiRule of an Elf; powerful and kind heartedUnisex
AungSuccess, she who is destined for a successful life.Unisex
AurumOne who has deep inner truth; glowing dawnUnisex
AurynA powerful person; golden haired individualUnisex
AvarnaOne who has a fun loving nature and timid personality; colorlessUnisex
AveryConfirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sageUnisex
AvignonName of a place; the one who who came from FranceUnisex
AvikaBright as a Sun; charismatic personality; DiamondUnisex
AvinoamA pleasant natured fatherUnisex
AvreeOne who is a wise rulerUnisex
AvwunudiogbaThose who profess strength with mere talkUnisex
AwatefOne who is filled with passions and emotionsUnisex
AwenaTime of early day or sunriseUnisex
AynulhayatA fountain which provides lifeUnisex
AyoA joy providing individualUnisex
AyomideYoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name AyotundeUnisex
AyotundeYoruba - Joy has returned; A variant of name AyomideUnisex
AyyanIt means a gift of god: TimeUnisex
AzharA shining and luminous beingUnisex
AzherOne who is brilliant and clearUnisex
AzulAnother name for blue colorUnisex
AzyanAdornment or decoration.Unisex
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