62 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Am

AmaanatA prized possession, filled with versatility, faithfulness and creativityUnisex
AmabilisBeautiful, loving people who are spontaneous and happy-go-luckyUnisex
AmableLovely beings who are sociable, attractive and good naturedUnisex
AmadisA lover of God who are zealous, elegant and helpfulUnisex
AmakaQueen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by natureUnisex
AmalaExpectation; a positive name meaning aspiration and they are laboriousUnisex
AmalinderA challenging name to have which means a person with a pure heart and god like figureUnisex
AmaljeetName signifying pure victory over the negativesUnisex
AmalleVariant of Amelia; the one who has power and the power to workUnisex
AmanPeaceful nature spreading trust, protection and the one who is fearlessUnisex
AmanaA warrior at heart who is faithful and loyalUnisex
AmanahA gift who attracts trustworthiness and loyalty also who pays respect to AllahUnisex
AmanatA prized possession filled with faithfulnessUnisex
AmaniA name which means wishes, desires, aspirations and dreams to promote peaceUnisex
AmansaroopIt is an embodiment of peace establishing harmonyUnisex
AmantaIt means to express, they are versatile and creativeUnisex
AmanyWishful person who has lots of hopes and desiresUnisex
AmarachiThe one who is the grace of AlmightyUnisex
AmarbirAn extremely brave personality who appreciated materialistic values and is diplomaticUnisex
AmareA person sent by God to love who is extremely handsomeUnisex
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AmargunEternal qualityUnisex
AmariAn strong and eternally lovely being who are family orientedUnisex
AmariahAn alluring and pure name which means it's promised by the God and carries his integrityUnisex
AmarineA gem called Aquamarine finding the purpose and meaning of lifeUnisex
AmarpremAn unfading loveUnisex
AmartaThe ultimate immortalityUnisex
AmarukaThe son of immortal who are responsible, expressive and friendlyUnisex
AmaruqGrey wolfUnisex
AmasThe hard working who is raw as well as softUnisex
AmatA divine name for a female meaning wonderful love for God like a slave who are alertUnisex
AmbhasaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; the running water which is free and creativeUnisex
AmbrThe one who has an adapting and mature natureUnisex
AmbrielThey are angel of communication who guide people towards inner peace and truth by warding off evilUnisex
AmekaA down-to-earth person and through him god does great deedsUnisex
AmelA pure name meaning hard work, hope and expectationUnisex
AmelotArthur's CastleUnisex
AmelynA serious, intellectual and independent individualsUnisex
AmeneThey look ahead with anticipation and have a refined tasteUnisex
AmenpreetThe one comprising of love and peaceUnisex
AmericusA royalty who is a home rulerUnisex
AmeshColor of a gem which means it can't be intoxicatedUnisex
AmethystColor of a gem which means it can't be intoxicatedUnisex
AmeyAnother name of Lord Ganesh meaning infinite and lovableUnisex
AmiasDerived from Latin Amatus meaning the one who is loved by allUnisex
AmideThe one who has a progressive and positive thinking full of excitementUnisex
AmisquewA spoonUnisex
AmlahThey are beautiful, pleasant and kind by natureUnisex
AmmarA strong man who is a builderUnisex
AmmatulA compassionate, fragile and passionate individualUnisex
AmmerieThey are divine rulers of the universe who are noble, inoffensive and belovedUnisex
AmnaA peaceful personUnisex
AmoghaThe one who is fruitful, unfading and everlastingUnisex
AmohaA straight forward person who is pure and errorlessUnisex
AmolaA unique personUnisex
AmolkiranAn everlasting bright lightUnisex
AmolpreetThey are charming and share everlasting loveUnisex
AmonaThey are one who are a successful entrepeneur and have high goalsUnisex
AmorieVariation of Amory; they are leader and spread loveUnisex
AmraooThe one who triumphsUnisex
AmulyaA royal and aristrocratic person who is precious and valuableUnisex
AmuraThe one who is sharpsighted, cheerful and very intelligentUnisex
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