76 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter B

BaasimaSmiling; One who smiles; One who is happyUnisex
BaileyAn administrator or a manager; a GoddessUnisex
BakaCrane; Variant transcriptions are Bacca; Backa; Bakah and BakkaUnisex
BakytHappiness or luckUnisex
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small ChildUnisex
BaldeepMeans lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealisticUnisex
BaleaIt means to be carefee, happy and free spritedUnisex
BaleeIt symbolizes being an extrovert, analytical and ethicalUnisex
BaliIt means a soldier or patriot.Unisex
BalroopThe name means 'Embodiment of strength'.unisex
BaltejThe name means ' One with glorious might.'unisex
BalwantThe name means full of might or immense strength.unisex
BalwinderThe name means 'Victorious through strength.unisex
BanksEdge of the RiverUnisex
BaoTo Order, To BidUnisex
BarakatBlessings; Abundance; ProsperityUnisex
BarinderLord of the Ocean; Lord of vastnessUnisex
BarjinderOne Who Cares For Others; Lord of StrengthUnisex
BasharatGood Omen; ProphecyUnisex
BealgaA meeting placeUnisex
BehithaEagle Child; the beginning of an eventUnisex
BellinghamA surname that means people from the homestead of bearsUnisex
BelotA name of a card gameUnisex
BelvineA place of fens that belong to the burg. A surnameUnisex
BeothukAn ethnic group that is based on the island of NewhoundlandUnisex
BertyHigh-born; Brilliant; Shining BrightlyUnisex
BharpoorPerfect One; Satisfied; ContentedUnisex
BhavdeepLamp of the World; Light of the World; Brightness and Radiance of UniverseUnisex
BhupindarThe King of Kings; Supreme Being; Emperor of the universeUnisex
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
BinhVase, JarUnisex
Birdeebirdlike, a child's term for a bird, a score of one stroke under par at a hole in GolfUnisex
BirjisPlanet; Planet JupiterUnisex
BivadiA place name, variation of Bhiwadi a name of the city in IndiaUnisex
BlevineA child who is like a wolf cubUnisex
BohAn expression in Italian meaning "I don't know"Unisex
BoipeloA very proud personUnisex
BoredaOne of the woreds in EthiopiaUnisex
BostonA place name, one who got the name after Boston, a city in Massachusetts USAUnisex
BradiIt is used as a surname. The descendants of the family Bradach use this name.Unisex
BradieAn alternate spelling for "Bradi"; spirited beingUnisex
BraedynThe heir or descendant of BradanUnisex
BraelinA person who is intelligent, bright and wiseUnisex
BranxtonThe town of BraccaUnisex
BrasenThe gift of God; God's giftUnisex
BrazilA conflict or disagreement on certain issuesUnisex
BreganResponsible and able individual; level headedUnisex
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