155 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter C

CacheA place where things are storedUnisex
CactusA desert plantUnisex
CaelA slender personUnisex
CaerdaAn Italian surname from VeniceUnisex
CageA vonfiding spaceUnisex
CahyaOne who is the light in darknessUnisex
CaileyA fair and slim darlingUnisex
CairoOne who is victriousUnisex
CaisA person who rejoicesUnisex
CaitanyaTo have a divine radianceUnisex
CalA devoted personUnisex
CalaisOne who changes colorsUnisex
CaledonA tough personUnisex
CalwaA place name in CaliforniaUnisex
CanberraA meeting place, name of the capital city of AustraliaUnisex
CandramohanTo be like the moonUnisex
CaoA Chinesee surnameUnisex
CapricornA zodiac sigh, a goatUnisex
CapuletAn Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and JulietUnisex
CariadA darling and beloved personUnisex
CarolA hymn or a songUnisex
CarriganA very pointed spearUnisex
CarringtonA person from the Marsh townUnisex
CaruA lovely personUnisex
CascadeTo fall, a cascadeUnisex
CascaidaA falling, descending landUnisex
CastelA castle. One who lives in a castelUnisex
CastleHe is from a castleUnisex
CattleOne who herds the cettleUnisex
CavallA name of the dog of King ArturUnisex
CeaganAn unisex british nameUnisex
CeeganThe one born out of fireUnisex
CeiliThe one who is slender and a descendant of CaollaidheUnisex
CelestA heavenly body usually used as last nameUnisex
CelestinaA heavenly or a celestial individualUnisex
CelestineBased on Caelestis; a heavenly personUnisex
CelestynPerson from heavenUnisex
CeltA musical and exotic nameUnisex
CelticAn exotic name for a musicalUnisex
CeolaThe throatUnisex
CesleeA practical personUnisex
CessyThe one who is blindUnisex
CezanneName of an artist seeking freedomUnisex
ChaddaThe one who is born in battleUnisex
ChagThe one who is filled with love and compassion; a GoatUnisex
ChailaA handsome and charming young individualUnisex
ChainpreetThe one who is in love with the MoonUnisex
ChaitalThe one who has sharp memoryUnisex
ChaitaleeNew year celebrationUnisex
ChaitaliOwner of sharp memoryUnisex
ChaitalyConsciousness; ability to feelUnisex
ChaitanyaThe one filled with radiance and lifeUnisex
ChaithraFirst month of Spring seasonUnisex
ChakritThe intelligent oneUnisex
ChallenShining MoonUnisex
ChallitaThe most beautiful of allUnisex
ChamroeunProsperity and successUnisex
ChanchalA playful individualUnisex
ChanchalaActive; state of awarenessUnisex
ChancyA risk takerUnisex
ChandThe beautiful moonUnisex
ChandellA candleUnisex
ChandelleEverlasting candleUnisex
ChandiraDerived from Sanskrit meaning MoonUnisex
ChandlanBeautiful and everlasting MoonUnisex
ChandlerA candle-maker and sellerUnisex
ChandonA type of ParrotUnisex
ChankrisnaA sweet-smelling treeUnisex
ChannerA wise and charming beingUnisex
ChantesutaThe one who has a firm heartUnisex
ChanteyukanA benevolent human beingUnisex
ChanthouA flower found in Cambodia.Unisex
ChanvateyA scholar or educated person.Unisex
ChaoThe one who surpassesUnisex
CharA charming free manUnisex
CharanjeetWinning the Service of Guru's Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God's FeetUnisex
ChardonBar of sandUnisex
CharleyFreeman; person who has a free mindUnisex
CharlieOne having full rightsUnisex
CharlotA born Prince who gives orders and is prosperousUnisex
CharuName of a flower in sanskrit; Divinely good looking; Out of materialistic world Beauty like the moon and Lord RamUnisex
CharulA charming beingUnisex
ChasenA born huntsmanUnisex
ChathuryaClever individualUnisex
ChayA fairy taleUnisex
ChayanikaThe selected oneUnisex
ChayceA huntsmanUnisex
ChecheA small thingUnisex
ChellamA dear oneUnisex
ChelsaA port for limestoneUnisex
CheneyGrowing from the Oak groveUnisex
ChengAn accomplished personUnisex
ChenricAmazing morningUnisex
ChesClearing campUnisex
ChesedA merciful individualUnisex
ChesleeA meadow of campUnisex
CheslieCamping on a meadowUnisex
ChetanziA yellow HawkUnisex
ChevisA thick bodied FishUnisex
CheydanPeaceful or patientUnisex
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