24 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter I

IchtacaNahuatl word for secret.Unisex
IcnoyotlNahuatl word for friendship.Unisex
IdrisLord of StudiousUnisex
IfekristiThe light of Christ.Unisex
IgeBorn feet firstUnisex
IgitioluwotilaiyeThe tree of God is rooted and strong.Unisex
IhuicatlNahuatl word for sky.Unisex
IkaroaThe long part of a fishUnisex
IkiaVariation of IkeaUnisex
IkiaqRed spruce in Inuit language.Unisex
IkponmwosaThank God, one who is thankful to God for everything.Unisex
IlhuitlNahuatl word for day.Unisex
ImenFaith or beliefUnisex
InaIlluminate, light upUnisex
IndigoThe color dark blueUnisex
IorangiThe cirrus cloudUnisex
IraWatchful oneUnisex
IraiaThe God wrestlerUnisex
IrirangiThe spirit voiceUnisex
IuitlNahuatl word for feather.unisex
IvoryPale or WhiteUnisex
IwiNation, tribe or realmUnisex
IzzThis name symbolizes honor, glory and power.Unisex
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