118 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter J

JaName that means "Me"Unisex
JackyA pet name, means the one who finds God to be graciousUnisex
JadeHebrew - Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name JadonUnisex
JaedenA thankful personUnisex
JaedynOne who will be judged by the God and is thankfulUnisex
JaetynA modern created name, a gracious personUnisex
JaideOne who is like a green gemstoneUnisex
JaiyesimiOne who believes in enjoying the life.Unisex
JakodiOda's childUnisex
JamA sweet condimentUnisex
JapanaOne who has energetic, drive oriented and ambitionUnisex
JasbeerA victorious heroUnisex
JashmirBorder of Jammu and KashmirUnisex
JaspinderLord's gloryUnisex
JaspreetOne who sings praises of the LordUnisex
JaxxShort name for Jackson which means Son of JackUnisex
JayceSomeone who keeps you medicatedUnisex
JayceeOne who can healUnisex
JaycieOne who can caught an attentionUnisex
JaydenVariation of Jaden which means God has heardUnisex
JaydonOne who is thankful to god, god has heard, formUnisex
JayeIn English a type of a bird, Jay bird, In Sanskrit success.Unisex
JaylinPretty blue color jay bird.Unisex
JazSweet smell of flowers.Unisex
JazzRefers to various kinds of Music.Unisex
JeanGod is gracious, in the bible one of the apostlesUnisex
JeanelleTrue grace is coming from God.Unisex
JeanetteGod is graciousUnisex
JeanineGod is graciousUnisex
JeannetteGod is graciousUnisex
JeannieGod is graciousUnisex
JeannineGod is graciousUnisex
JeddaThe precious black shady gem stone.Unisex
JediIts a made name or created name for come reasons.Unisex
Jee (지)To know or the wisdomUnisex
JehanMan of the worldUnisex
JelaThe father who faced many difficulties during the birth of his child.Unisex
JelaniOne who is mighty, strongUnisex
JemaalVery attractive man or good looking personality.Unisex
JemimahIt means DoveUnisex
JennieWhite waveUnisex
JennyWhite waveUnisex
JenueThe person from the city of Jenue, Nigeria.Unisex
JerahResembles the month or shining moon light.Unisex
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