81 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter L

LindonA linden tree hillUnisex
LindsaiFrom the Lincoln island, an island of lime treesUnisex
LindsayA person who is from the Lincoln island.Unisex
LingA chime of the spirits, a soulUnisex
LivelyEnergetic, forceful and dynamic personUnisex
LividA furious person with an angry personalityUnisex
LobaSharing a conversation, talkingUnisex
LochanThe eye, one who seesUnisex
LoeHawaiian word for kingUnisex
LoftenOwners of the loft houseUnisex
LoloviviLove is always thereUnisex
LomanA bare and empty placeUnisex
LondenA modern place name, meaning one from LondonUnisex
LondonA place name after the city London, EnglandUnisex
LorcaA place name of the region Navarre in SpainUnisex
Lord shivaA Hindu God, Lord ShivaUnisex
LorenFrom Laurel, means a man from LaurentumUnisex
LouvainPlace name, town in BelgiumUnisex
LovechildChild born out of loveUnisex
LovecraftOne who is skilled, strengthUnisex
LovelyBeautiful, charming and alluring oneUnisex
LoviceA person in loveUnisex
LullingCalming, ShoothingUnisex
LuoChenese name that means CamelUnisex
LupinFrom latin word "lupinus" meanin WolfUnisex
LuthandoAfrican name meaning Love and AdorationUnisex
LuvedayA day of reconsiliation, making peaceUnisex
LyndeA gentle personUnisex
LyndenBiblical name, a teil treeUnisex
LyndzeyAnother name for Lincon islandUnisex
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