20 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Li

LiChinesee name meaning logicunisex
LiangA feeling of elevation; A light of lighrUnisex
LibAn Oath, a promise made to the GodUnisex
LibertyFreedom, independence, liberationUnisex
LichuenLight, the one who spreads light.Unisex
LiddellA place name from a region in England and is also a river nameUnisex
LightningA bolt, a lighting in the skyUnisex
LightonA place name from a Yorkshire in North England, mostly used as a surnameUnisex
LikemEstablish meUnisex
LiloPerson who is generous and givingUnisex
LimitlessOne who has no limitsUnisex
LindisfarneA name of a tidal island in England, known as a Holy IslandUnisex
LindleeOne who comes from the Lime woodsUnisex
LindleyOne who lives in the Lime wood forestUnisex
LindonA linden tree hillUnisex
LindsaiFrom the Lincoln island, an island of lime treesUnisex
LindsayA person who is from the Lincoln island.Unisex
LingA chime of the spirits, a soulUnisex
LivelyEnergetic, forceful and dynamic personUnisex
LividA furious person with an angry personalityUnisex
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