172 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter M

Miesthe favorite son of the planter.Unisex
MikailiThe one who is likely to the God's messenger.Unisex
MikayleeOne who carries God's messagesUnisex
Mikellea person likely to the God's messenger.Unisex
MikennaAn African name that means who brings the Joy.Unisex
Mikenziethe Child of a wise leader.Unisex
MilamFrom the house situated near millUnisex
MilanduAn answer to the prayersUnisex
MilbureghA small fort or fortressUnisex
MilburnThe stream off the millUnisex
MilburyA person belongs to the land of millsUnisex
MilbyrneThe stream of water from the mill landUnisex
MilekThe archangels of the AlmightyUnisex
MililaniA gentle touch from the heavenUnisex
MiljaTrying to excel or become equalUnisex
MillenA worker who grinds grainUnisex
MilliganA Christianity ritual of shaving headUnisex
MinhA bright person, intelligent one, a clever personUnisex
MinnuAn open bright shiny skyUnisex
MinorA younger one, a little oneUnisex
MiquitaAn educated and humble individualUnisex
MiracleAn act to amaze or help others, especially by the GodUnisex
MirajkarA person belongs to the city of MirajUnisex
MirembePeace or a peaceful nature. The peaceful worldUnisex
MiriodereI now have a nameUnisex
MisamAn innocent person, a cute personUnisex
MisaqAn agreement, a promiseUnisex
MishaThe message bearer from the GodUnisex
MitA friend, a companionUnisex
MitaireI have achieved their matchUnisex
MitakshThe eye of the dear friend, or the friend of the eyeUnisex
MiyandaThe ancestors, the beginning, the rootsUnisex
MiyoA Beautiful and charming childUnisex
MiyokoA beautiful child of a beautiful generationUnisex
ModupeoreThank you God for this gift.Unisex
MohammadiThe Red Cow, which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrificeUnisex
MohandeepThe pretty messenger, sweet and dearest Angel.Unisex
MohanjotThe person always covers by shadows, impossible to be seen, dim lightUnisex
MohanpreetThe monarch of the nation, the one who has greater authorities all over the land.Unisex
MohawkThe one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his lifeUnisex
MomoztliThe altarUnisex
MongolekhorniiugluuMongol country's morningUnisex
MonjolaoluwaEnjoying the wealth of God.Unisex
MonkaushkaThe shaking of the earthUnisex
Monkh ErdeneEternal familyUnisex
MononeA person with a horse like qualityUnisex
MonroeFrom the mouth of the Roe river of IrelandUnisex
MontanaThe mountain or the country of mountainsUnisex
MoodyA brave spirit, an impulsive personUnisex
MorarThe one who worked at the windmillsUnisex
MoraraA beautiful bird peacockUnisex
MorathiAn intelligent or a wise manUnisex
MorenikejiThis child resembles me.Unisex
MorgannA person who lives near the seaUnisex
MorgenOne who circles around the sea to defends itUnisex
MorgianOne who takes care of the bright seaUnisex
MoroccanOne who belongs to the land of GodUnisex
MortimerA still water, motion-less waterUnisex
MortonOne who is settled by the moorUnisex
MosiThe first born childUnisex
MosiyaThe child who born first to the parentsUnisex
MosleyThe family name for the Lords of a manorUnisex
MossA person belongs to the peat landUnisex
MoswenThe light skin toned personUnisex
MotaA Person who loved besides the hillockUnisex
MotiwalaThe one who have of deals in PearlsUnisex
MowwayThe shaking of hands to greetUnisex
MoyolehuaniThe enamored one.Unisex
MyrlVariation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the SeaUnisex
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