86 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter O

OakleeThe servant of Lord krishna (a Hindu deity)Unisex
OakleighSouth Indian variant of Mohandas that means servant of Lord Krishna.Unisex
OakleyA charming lamp or a lamp that gives a charming light.Unisex
OaklyKind and compassionate, Lord KrishnaUnisex
ObedienceOne who is trustworthy, One who can be loved or trusted.Unisex
OceanSpell variant of Mohinder that means a fascinating king.Unisex
OcheckkaThe one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection.Unisex
OcieChaste or a virtuous girl.Unisex
OdaniyaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OdavwaroI am contentedUnisex
OdellThe one who is distressed or upsetUnisex
OdikaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OfeibeaA good communicator who is appreciatedUnisex
OfraLight wind moving, soft flow of air.Unisex
OgechukwukanaThe time spent worshiping God is the best.Unisex
OghenebrumeGod decided in my favorUnisex
OghenechovweGod aided meUnisex
OghenefejiroGod is praiseworthyUnisex
OghenegarenGod is greatUnisex
OghenekevweGod gave meUnisex
OghenemeMy GodUnisex
OghenemineI look up to GodUnisex
OghenerukevweGod did this for meUnisex
OghenerunoGod has done so muchUnisex
OghenetegaGod is worship worthyUnisex
OghenochukoGod provides my supportUnisex
OghomenaHere is my respectUnisex
OghonoroRespect is greater than moneyUnisex
OgilvyHis leniency and compassion shown towards offenders , disposition to be kind and forgivingUnisex
OgimaGod is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.Unisex
OglesbyNot widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributedUnisex
OgtbishMongolian word meaning not at all.Unisex
OhioThe feeling of extreme pleasure and satisfaction of the eyes.Unisex
OhiyoLovely eyes that induce magnetism, the one with expressive eyesUnisex
OhtaThis name has two meanings, one is the eyes of the Almighty God, other one is free from dirt or impuritiesUnisex
OhtliA person who is a champion. Also refereed to the son of Neil.Unisex
OjanomareI have met the challengeUnisex
OkalEnglish short form of a Greek "Nicodemus" that means victory of the people.Unisex
OkapiIt's a Latin word that means a horn. Also an ancient greek word that means pity or mercy.Unisex
OkeA Latin word that means a horn from the war.Unisex
OkeleyA spelling variation of the Neelam or Nilam that means the Blue Sapphire.Unisex
OkelyAn Alder tree that grows himself across the rivers or streams.Unisex
OkenaA horn or a pointed horn-like objectUnisex
OkesA willingly strong spirit and a strong and active person with a calm mind.Unisex
OkothTalkative person. Sometimes used to refer a crow.Unisex
OladelePersons of success, pupil of triumph.Unisex
OlajuwanThe exaltation of the triumph.Unisex
OlayemiOne who is worthy of wealth.Unisex
OlayinkaWealth surrounds meUnisex
OlcayChampion, conqueror, leader, victor.Unisex
OllyELF military or olive tree like.Unisex
OlmoWho lived by the tree of elmUnisex
OlorunyomiGod has saved meUnisex
OlufemiThe creator loves us, The precious people of God.Unisex
OlumorotiI stand with GodUnisex
OlusolaGod has blessed meUnisex
OluwadunmininuGod has gladden my heart.Unisex
OluwagbengaGod has lifted me up.Unisex
OluwatokeGod is worthy to be adored.Unisex
OluyomiDelivered or sent by GodUnisex
OmonighoChild is greater than moneyUnisex
OmonoroChild is greater than goldUnisex
OmontWho belongs to the lands of mountainsUnisex
OnajiteThis is sufficientUnisex
OndreaPossessing qualities befitting a man or having abilities suitable for a woman.Unisex
OnoharheseWho blames good deeds?Unisex
OnyekachiNo-one is grander than GodUnisex
OnyxDark stone or dusky gem stone.Unisex
OralThe statements which were given already.Unisex
OratilweThe dearest and darling one.Unisex
OrdellThe tiny table knife or bread-knife or bladeknife.Unisex
OrienFine looking and delightful person.Unisex
OrioleThe one who supervises over.Unisex
OrionThe one of the trees Kadam.Unisex
OrlyMy joy, my happiness, my gladness, my enjoyment.Unisex
OslafaAn ambitious, courageous and strong personUnisex
OsmaOne who acts like a divine protectorUnisex
OutaciteAnother name for a man-killerUnisex
OvertonA habitational name for an enclosureUnisex
OxideA compound of oxygenUnisex
OyintsaA white winter DuckUnisex
OyovwikerhiMay my guardian spirit be blessedUnisex
OzgeA unique and different individualUnisex
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