93 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter P

PaceyOf Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of PacyUnisex
PadenBald; A variant transcription of PattonUnisex
PadmanA serene Lotus flower; filled with purityUnisex
PaganOne who is a follower of polytheistic religionUnisex
PagentA beautiful and wonderful pageantUnisex
PahanaA lost white brother; filled with wisdom and actionUnisex
PaigeOne who is a noble white boy or a helperUnisex
PaitonOne who is villager or a warriorUnisex
PajikaA pond of Lotus; lotus feetedUnisex
PakkiriIndependent and happy go lucky individualUnisex
PalaLike a guardian; water; near upland meadowUnisex
PalamThey are idealists who are compassionate; Palm treeUnisex
PaleyOne with the pale eyesUnisex
PallA person who has a bitter natureUnisex
PaniMeaning Lord Vishu; PaganUnisex
PanikaOne who is Shahid; the powerful handsUnisex
ParaOne who is supreme naturedUnisex
ParatylOne who is lighted like a flameUnisex
PareeA fairy; one who gives lightUnisex
ParkkerOne who is the keeper of the farmUnisex
ParkyrKeeper of the farmland; wonderfulUnisex
ParrishA habitational name; a guardian and loyal personUnisex
ParrkerOne who is the keeper of the parkUnisex
ParulFive petal flower; known for beautyUnisex
PasamiliA happy go lucky; spontaneous and loving beingUnisex
PasiName given to a kingUnisex
PathanaOne who is born to appreciate and to readUnisex
PatriceA noble patrician being; clear sightedUnisex
PatsuquaOne who is entitled to all happinessUnisex
PatsyA variant of Patty; regal and nobleUnisex
PaxtenOne from the peaceful farmUnisex
PaxtonThe one who is from a peaceful settlementUnisex
PaxtunA person who is from peaceful townUnisex
PazhaniA free and independent beingUnisex
PeanutA name for the ground nut legumeUnisex
PembrokeOne who lives in headlandUnisex
PeraniOne who has idealistic and expressive natureUnisex
PerlPearl; a dynamic personalityUnisex
PersianA master who is like the shining SunUnisex
PetvaOne which is like gold and fireUnisex
PheakdeiLoyalty and honestyUnisex
PhyreOne who can burn bright and shine awayUnisex
PillanThe God of stormy weatherUnisex
PiluA great bilberryUnisex
PingOne who is peaceful and has a leveled mindUnisex
PinnaA pinnacle or a crestUnisex
PinnelAn English surname meaning little pine-treeUnisex
PiperelA musican playing the pipeUnisex
PirroOne with a flame-coloured hairUnisex
PlattOne who comes from the flat landsUnisex
PoeA person who is like a peacockUnisex
PoggeA fish, also called an armed bullheadUnisex
PonlokDarling or dearUnisex
PonnadaAn Indian surnameUnisex
PookyA petitte, sweet, cute personUnisex
PopatOne who is like a parrotUnisex
PopoA very tall grass of ryeUnisex
PorscheAn offering or a contributionUnisex
PortOne who works or lives near a harborUnisex
PoseanyeThe dripping dewUnisex
PosselMostly used as a surname, means rockUnisex
PoviyemoA falling flowerUnisex
PragnyaA well known, famous scholarUnisex
PragunA straightforward person, someone who is honestUnisex
PrairieA person who comes from the flatlandsUnisex
PrajyanaA Hindi unisex name, given to both Boys and girlsUnisex
PrakritiOne who is beautiful like a natureUnisex
PramathaOne who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva's faithful companionUnisex
PrangaA Hindi name given to both Boys and girlsUnisex
PranhitaThe name of the RiverUnisex
PranjulA person who is truthful and dignifiedUnisex
PrapullaOne whose pleasant and happy smile is shiningUnisex
PrashantaA person who is calmedUnisex
PrassanaAn individual who is alwas cheerfulUnisex
PrasunaOne who looks like a beautiful flowerUnisex
PrathishOne who was born to rule due to his or hers good behavior and beautyUnisex
PreA very rare Indian nameUnisex
PretoriaA place name, the city in South AfricaUnisex
PrishitaOne that carries the name of GodUnisex
PsalmA song. A song-like personUnisex
PunaA water springUnisex
PuneethA person who is pure inside and holyUnisex
PunnooseAn Indian name goven to Boys and girlsUnisex
PunyalokaA name meaning Sita and DruapadiUnisex
PurahanA complete personUnisex
PuranTo be a complete individualUnisex
PurnaThe grain Goddess, or a person who is generous with the foodUnisex
PurusharthaThe main aims in the life of the humanUnisex
PuryaA person who deserves to be fulfilledUnisex
PushpamA person who is lotus eyed, a flowerUnisex
PushpyaA blooming flowerUnisex
PyralisOne made of fireUnisex
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