79 Baby Unisex Names That Start With Letter R

RaaheelTo go on a journeyUnisex
RafanBeautiful, good-scentedUnisex
RafikiA friendUnisex
RaheelTo go on a journeyUnisex
RainAbundant blessing from aboveUnisex
RajasiFull of Passion; Worthy of a King; One of many names of Goddess DurgaUnisex
RajniNight; A variant of name Rajani which means queen in Sanskrit; Royal;Unisex
RamanOne who likes to please othersUnisex
RanjanPleasure or enjoymentUnisex
RathiOne who enjoys the pleasures of this worldUnisex
RatnoA jewel-like personUnisex
RavenA name of the black birdUnisex
RavidA person who wanders, or an ornamentUnisex
RayyanThe Paradise's gate for those who fasted often in their livesUnisex
RedOne of red skin or red hairUnisex
RedaA man who was favoured by the LordUnisex
RehabAn open-minded and generous personUnisex
ReignTo rule other peopleUnisex
ReikiA practice of healing the spiritUnisex
ReikoThe thankful childUnisex
ReileyA brave, couragious beingUnisex
RemaA deeply loving and sensitive personUnisex
RemedyA cure for something. A word name, remedyUnisex
RemyA person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cureUnisex
Ren (レン)The love of the lotusUnisex
RennAn individual who was rebornUnisex
RevonA person who is dark as a ravenUnisex
ReyahA nice scent. Also means a triumphian and victorious oneUnisex
ReyesSpanish word meaning kingsUnisex
ReynOne who rules, governsUnisex
ReyneAn European surname. Can mean: to rule, the ruling couselor, queen or rath chainUnisex
RhythmOne who has a good beat, a good rhythmUnisex
RidaA God-fearing pious person who is devoted to GodUnisex
RiffatOne who has high status in society, a holder of superior rankUnisex
RifqaA person of gentle and kind personalityUnisex
RihanA nice smell, fragnance, parfumeUnisex
RikkyOne who is a complete leader and rulerUnisex
RilieA courageous and brave individualUnisex
RilyA person who dwells in the rye fieldsUnisex
RinA cold, severe and dignified personUnisex
RinkuA sweet natured personUnisex
RiotA word name, meaning a riot, a turmoil, an uprisingUnisex
RipalA compassionate and merciful loveUnisex
RitiA beutiful memoryUnisex
RivenTo tear something into piecesUnisex
RiverA word name, meaning someone who is like a riverUnisex
RiveraHabitational name for someone who lives near the RiverUnisex
RiversA word name, the plural of riverUnisex
RizaHe who fears God and is full of virtueUnisex
RizwanOne who is pious and devoted to GodUnisex
RizzoOne with curly hairUnisex
RobbeyOne who is famously acclaimedUnisex
RogeneA person who has a legendary spearUnisex
RohiniOne who is like the stars and the moonUnisex
RomeAn Italian city, an ancient city of RomeUnisex
RomilOne who is renowned in the landsUnisex
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryUnisex
RongA person who brings honor and prosperUnisex
RongoPeace, peace loving peopleUnisex
RonnyOne who owns the legendary landsUnisex
RoshanBrightness of the lightUnisex
RosseA headland or a capeUnisex
RowenA red berried treeUnisex
RoyalA high-born man, of royal bloodUnisex
RoyaltyWord nameUnisex
RozlynOne who has the face as pretty as a roseUnisex
RuOne who is like a scholarUnisex
RuariAn Irish red-haired rulerUnisex
RudoA feeling of loveUnisex
RudraLord Shiva's consortUnisex
RuhanA spiritual and kind-hearted oneUnisex
RukhaylahA name for both Boys and girlsUnisex
RumAn alcoholic dring popular with piratesUnisex
RumorA feeling of falsityUnisex
RussomOne who is a leader, a head of the chargeUnisex
RustiA variation of Rusty, means a person witha red headUnisex
RutendoOne who has a faithUnisex
RyanLittle kingUnisex
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