112 United States Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter B

BaileiA warrant officer of a judgeBoy
BannerA colonial origin, Banner meaning 'Flag'Boy
BanningSmall and Fair; One who Reads the Banns; Blond Child; Small Fair One or Son of the Fair OneBoy
BardPoet; Minstrel; A Singer-poet; One who Sings BalladsBoy
BardalphAx WolfBoy
BardanLives Near the Boar's Den; From theBoy
BardenLives Near the Boar's Den; Boar's DenBoy
BardeneFrom the Boar ValleyBoy
BardoVariant of Bartholomew; Son of the EarthBoy
BardonMinstrel; Singer-poet; Barley ValleyBoy
BarlowLives on the Bare Hill; Place Name; The Bare HillsideBoy
BarnetOf Honorable Birth; From the Land That was BurnedBoy
BarnettLeader; From the Land That was Burned; Noble ManBoy
BarnumFrom the Nobleman's HomeBoy
BarretBrave as a Bear; Variant of Barnett; Bear-strengthBoy
BarricGrain FarmBoy
BarrickGrain Farm,A barley farmBoy
BarrieLives at the Barrier; Fair-haired; From the Land That was Burned; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strengthBoy
BarronWarrior; The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name; From the Land That was BurnedBoy
BartelFrom the Barley Farm; Farmer's Son; Son of TalmaiBoy
BarthramIllustrious; Glorious RavenBoy
BartleahFrom Bart's MeadowBoy
BartleighFrom Bart's MeadowBoy
BartleyFrom the Birch Tree Meadows; Son of Talmai; Son of the One who Abounds in FurrowsBoy
BartramGlorious Raven; Bright RavenBoy
BarwolfAx WolfBoy
BatesVariant of BartholomewBoy
BeacherLives by the Beech TreeBoy
BeachyDiminutive of BeacherBoy
BealAttractive, good looking, beautifulBoy
BealeHandsome, attractive, fine lookingBoy
BeallGood-looking, beautifulBoy
BeamanBeekeeper, From a beautiful hillBoy
BeamerTrumpet PlayerBoy
BeceereLives by the Beech TreeBoy
BedePrayer; Name of a HistorianBoy
BeecherLives by the Beech Tree; Place NameBoy
BeldanLives in the Beautiful GlenBoy
BeldaneLives in the Beautiful ValleyBoy
BeldeneLives in the Most Beautiful ValleyBoy
BeldonLives in the Beautiful Glen; Child of the Unspoiled Glen; Place Name; Pretty ValleyBoy
BemelleStrong as a BearBoy
BenecroftFrom the Bean FieldBoy
BenjamenSon of the Right HandBoy
BenjenBenjen is Created NameBoy
BenjimanSon of the Right HandBoy
BennBorn of the Right Hand; Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict; SonBoy
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