40 United States Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CadenAn invented name with no meaningBoy
CacheA place where things are storedUnisex
CaedenA modern made up nameBoy
CalwaA place name in CaliforniaUnisex
CarrollA mainly champion, a manBoy
CaydenHe is a fighter and a warriorBoy
CayseA good prophet nam trebaBoy
CesleeA practical personUnisex
ChadA saint; they protect and are defenderBoy
ChancyA risk takerUnisex
ChapelleThe one who lived by a ChurchBoy
ChaperelDry land covered with bushesBoy
CharsianA Christian free individualBoy
ChasenA born huntsmanUnisex
ChataniaConsciousness; state of good feelingBoy
ChaunceyThe one who gambles; a chancellorBoy
ChazVariant of Charles; free manBoy
CheGod will multiplyBoy
ChestenA campBoy
ChilliCold placeUnisex
ChonceyFortune; a gamble; variant of ChaunceyBoy
ChordA group of notes or strings sounded togetherBoy
ChrisopherBearer of Lord Jesus, the son of GodBoy
ChristanOne who is a Christianity by religion and believes that Jesus is the son of GodBoy
CimarronOne who is wild and free-spirited; one who cannot be controlled or tamed by anyoneBoy
CinwellOne who lives in his king's good books; one who always makes his king happyBoy
ClaibornA stream flowing by a claybed; one who hails from the claybrookBoy
ClaudaA bad, deplorable voice, that expresses griefBoy
ClaudasDerived from the name of a famous kingBoy
CleeveA short term for Cleveland; a city in the U.SBoy
CodyOne who helps others in need; helpful; also means cushion in AmericanBoy
ColeThe victory or rejoice of the people; winning in a competitionBoy
ColinThe triumph or victory of the people against the enemyBoy
CollinA child; a little more than a baby; a small Boy,girlBoy
ColvertSeaman, one who is fond of seas and lives near itBoy
CorbinA black bird resembling crow; RavenBoy
CoreyA boiling, frothing, foaming poolBoy
CortelAn alliance of enterpricesBoy
CrueA certain group of peopleBoy
CullenHandsome boyBoy
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