52 United States Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

ElijahName of a very famous King and a ProphetBoy
EadwardGuardian; The derived meaning from German is 'Strong as a boar' indicating a strong personality.Boy
EadwiellaIt means 'From the Old Spring'Boy
EadwynIt means a valued friendBoy
EarlIt means king,warrior or chief in different languages.Boy
EastanDerived from the word easton it means 'From the East'.Boy
EastonIt means 'From the East Town'.Boy
EbanyIt means dark coloured wood .Unisex
EdgeAn end of surface; a tendsetterBoy
EdmarkThe very famous tragedyBoy
EldrianA wise counselor of the battleBoy
ElemerA honourable and dignified individualBoy
ElginA white and noble personBoy
ElgineThey are noble and whiteBoy
EliottJehovah is the God; loving and caringBoy
EljahGod is all-powerful and and mightyBoy
ElmerOne who is noble and famousBoy
Elvisthis name means sage or elf or wise friend.Boy
Elwynthis name means a wise old friend.Boy
Emileit means excellence.Boy
Emmanuela word used for the Messiah in the old testament which also means god is with us.Boy
Emmetona person born out of power.Boy
Emmettsomebody who has a lot of power and is brave.Boy
Emmotpowerful and strong.Boy
Emmotathis is a name which signifies someone who is strong and extremely powerful.Boy
Emmotttough, extremely powerful and strong built.Unisex
Emmsit means someone who is a son of the universe.Boy
Enabarrthis name means birdhead.Boy
Enabarria birdhead is signified by this name.Boy
Enriqueruler of an estate.Boy
Eoredcavalry or band or troop.Boy
Eorkonwealda group of horse mounted riders of Rohirrim.Boy
Eorla nobleman or chief of a tribe.Boy
Eorlanda noblemen's land.Boy
Eorllanda land belonging to noblemen.Boy
Eorlsona nobleman's son.Boy
Eormenburhpeople belonging to noblemen's landBoy
Eormengarda strong person from a nobleman's land.Boy
Eormengildit means public pledge.Boy
Ericever or eternal ruler.Boy
Erichruler of the people.Boy
Ericka word which means someone who rules the people.Boy
Erixisland ruler or eternal ruler.Boy
Erlingheir of clanchief.Boy
Ernestinoan earnest and determined effort.Boy
Espnan abbreviation for a popular American television sports channel.Unisex
Eulyseswrathful or hater.Boy
Eumersomebody who hates.Boy
Eumira person who is wrathful or hates a lot.Boy
Evansgod is good.Boy
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