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17 United States Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter O

Oliver The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree. Boy
Ocheckka The one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection. Unisex
Odakota The white sea or a fair sea. Boy
Ogima God is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well. Unisex
Ohanzee Means, the organ of sight, eye, good discernment. Boy
Ohio The feeling of extreme pleasure and satisfaction of the eyes. Unisex
Ohitika Attractive and good-looking human. Boy
Ohiyo Lovely eyes that induce magnetism, the one with expressive eyes Unisex
Okena A horn or a pointed horn-like object Unisex
Oklahoma It means God is my light of the soul. Boy
Omarion The mixture of name Omar (Powerful or fluent orator) and ion. Boy
Opus Melodious word or Harmonious name Boy
Orvil The person who has the powerful strength in handling the spear. Boy
Osmaer A name of a famous person who has god-like fame Boy
Ossie One who is as sharp as a God's spear; a gift Boy
Oxide A compound of oxygen Unisex
Oxnaleah A practical person who is from ox enclosure Boy
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