77 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

CacheA place where things are storedUnisex
CaeliShe who is crowned with the laurel crownGirl
CaemlynA woman from the skiesGirl
CailynnShe is very pureGirl
CaliforniaAn US state nameGirl
CallisonThe most beautiful and noble. Combination of names Calli and AlisonGirl
CalwaA place name in CaliforniaUnisex
CamberA modern invented nameGirl
CambreeA woman who comes from WalesGirl
CamishaCombination of Camila and AlishaGirl
CarmindyAn American name for girlsGirl
CarnieOne who is a carnival workerGirl
CarolynA joyful song of happinessGirl
CarolyneA joyous songGirl
CarolynnA joy that the song bringsGirl
CarolynneShe is like a happy songGirl
CarrolynShe is a champion of menGirl
CarynTo be contemporaty, modernGirl
CatherynneShe is a pure ladyGirl
CatheyPure, innocent and unsulliedGirl
CathiA nickname. A woman who is pureGirl
CathiaShe is pureGirl
CathieA pure dameGirl
CathleenA lady who is pure and innocentGirl
CaydenceA falling rhytm and flowGirl
CaylenOne who is a pure womanGirl
CayleyShe who is an innocent oneGirl
CaysieA little prophetGirl
CeanaGod is graciousGirl
CelleenA beautiful and young girlGirl
CerciA charismatic, sensitive personGirl
CesleeA practical personUnisex
CeylaThe mystic moonGirl
ChaelaThe one who is like a GodGirl
ChaeliResembles godGirl
ChakalukaThe source of radiant and powerful energyGirl
ChancyA risk takerUnisex
CharaeA dear, pious and wonderful individualGirl
CharelleName of a green gemstone; Cherry fruitGirl
CharleighFeminine form of CharlesGirl
CharlianneA strong, wonderful, graceful womanGirl
CharnitaA normal, reliable and communicative personGirl
ChasenA born huntsmanUnisex
ChayleeAlive; to maintainGirl
ChelsaeLanding place of chalkGirl
ChelsiaA native region; port of shipsGirl
ChelsieName of a district in LondonGirl
ChenilleSoft skinned womanGirl
ChilliCold placeUnisex
ChineseaA romantic personGirl
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