39 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
EarnaIt means universalGirl
EasterThe name easter is derived from the word eastre which means 'Godsess of Spring'Girl
EbanyIt means dark coloured wood .Unisex
ElaniLight coming inside the soulGirl
ElinorOne who is filled with sense and sensibilityGirl
ElisaOne who is consecrated to godGirl
ElizabeghGod who protection and satisfactionGirl
ElizabellaBeautiful person who took God as an oathGirl
EllasynChildren of Ellis; creative and productiveGirl
ElleOne who has aged gracefully like a beautiful fairyGirl
ElsaGod who provides satisfaction; truthGirl
Elvevathe meaning of this name is elfin or elf leader.Girl
Elvirathis name means white.Girl
Emelythis name has the meaning of a leader who emulates success.Girl
Emelyethe meaning of this name is someone who is industrious and a leader.Girl
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
Emmlyone who strives hard for success.Girl
Emmotea feminine form of power and strong will.Girl
Emmotttough, extremely powerful and strong built.Unisex
Enasomeone who is passionate and graceful.Girl
Enriquetaa feminized version of the word enrique meaning ruler of the home.Girl
Eormaa nobleman's daughter.Girl
Erlinaa shield or noblewoman or an elfin.Girl
Erlindaprincess or spirited.Girl
Ermacomplete or war goddess.Girl
Ermenburga mother in an Northumbrian epic saga who trains her son for studying and fighting.Girl
Ermenburgaa mother figure in ancient epic who trains her son.Girl
Espnan abbreviation for a popular American television sports channel.Unisex
Eulaliea French word meaning sweet spoken.Girl
Eunicegood victory.Girl
Euniciaa word in Greek which means good victory.Girl
Euphemiaauspicious speech or good repute.Girl
Evangelinaa good gospel.Girl
Evangelinea good news or a good gospel.Girl
EvoletA combination of names Eve-living and Violet - color purpleGirl
ExieAn adorned womanGirl
ExtonA place name, one who comes from the town ExtonUnisex
EyanaAn eternal blossom. Americanised form of AiyanaGirl
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