53 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KadienceThe name Kadience means RhythmGirl
KaelynnKaelynn means PureGirl
KahnayA spontaneous and dedicated beingGirl
KaideeKaidee name means Pure, VirginGirl
KaisleyKaisley means Studious, Enlighted and ProfoundGirl
KaleighThe name means Laurel, CrownGirl
KalenaKalena is a flower name in Polish and CzehGirl
KaleneKalene means a Name of the FlowerGirl
KamerynThe name means Crooked Noseunisex
KamoraKamora means Comes from the Golden MeadowGirl
KamyraKamyra means Surroundd by SunlightGirl
KaneshaThe name is a combination of Kendra that means Prophetess and Aisha that means AliveGirl
KapriKapri name means Caprice, WhimGirl
KapriceKaprice name means Sudden Change of BehaviourGirl
KapriciaKapricia name means WhimsyGirl
KaprishaKaprisha means WhimGirl
KarlishiaKarlishia is a modern created nameGirl
KateyKatey means Authentic, NaturalGirl
KatimaThe name means Powerful DaughterGirl
KatnissKatniss is a plant name, Sagittaria GenusGirl
KatresaA graceful person, a pure graceGirl
KayceKayce name comes from the initials K.C.Unisex
KayceeKaycee is a phonetic form of the initials K.C.Unisex
KaycieKaycie means Alert, on the WatchGirl
KaydenceThe name means Rhytm, the Musical OneGirl
KayeleeThe name means She is the Pure OneGirl
KayleeKaylee means She is Very PureGirl
KayleenKayleen means The One that is very PureGirl
KaylieKaylie name means Rare Beauty, SlenderGirl
KaylorKaylor is a created American name, means To CutUnisex
Ke$haThis is the name of an American Pop Singer,from the name Kesha that is Native American for Robe or DressGirl
KeaghlanThe name means She is a Slender WomanGirl
KeeliaKeelia means very Good-lookingGirl
KeiandraKeiandra is a combinatin of names Keisha that means Cinammon and Andra that means BraveGirl
KeladryKalendry is a modern American nameunisex
KelisKelis means BeautifulGirl
KenadiaKenadia means Chiefunisex
KendaleighaThe name means The Valley of the StormGirl
KendisKendis means means PureGirl
KentekeeThe land of tomorrow, a state in AmericaGirl
KerschieThe name means Dusky and PureGirl
KevlynKevlyn She is Beautiful and YoungGirl
KeyannaKeyanna means She is Living Life with GraceGirl
KeylaKeyla name means Who is like the LordGirl
KiffanyMeans Appearance of GodGirl
KimoraKimora means From the Golden MeadowGirl
KloeKloe means FlourishingGirl
KloeyKloey means BlossomingGirl
KoryKory means HollowUnisex
KrisalynMeans Beautiful Bearer of ChristGirl
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